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    Default Love-Away Plan???

    After the $100 deposit how much do they charge your card a month and can you pay more per month if you wanted to? Wanting to book a trip for Dec. 2014.

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    It is 100 a month or you can call and ask it to be more if you want. They have been great to deal with.

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    Your credit card will be charged $100 per month until the balance is due - 45 days before departure. You can contact them at any time to pay more. It's a great way to make vacations a little more affordable
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    They charge your card $100/month, and the rest 45 days before your trip. If you want to pay more per month I believe you just have to let them know.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone. This helps. BamaDude...

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    You can pay forward on your trip. Just call... I was also to be able to give them a date each month to take out the payment. and of course you can pay the balance anytime.

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    Love away plan is great. I had $150 taken out every month and made my final payment this past Sunday. Yippeee - 42 days from today, I will be at the beach at Couples Negril having some cocktails, sitting in the sun at the au naturel beach!

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    I just paid off the balance yesterday!!!!!! and added another day...The downside is We have to wait until the end of August to once again enjoy all CTI has to offer. I hope this MB can sustain me!

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