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    Default sans souci (and Jamaica) first timers!

    we will be arriving at Sans Souci in SIXTY days for our honeymoon! neither of us have ever been to a couples resort (or to Jamaica.. or out of the USA.. or on a plane for that matter!) can any of you pros tell us anything we should know about the resort before we arrive? any secrets only the returning guests would know? we are super excited to have our honeymoon in Jamaica AND at a couples sans souci on top of it all! I think we picked the best resort for a romantic honeymoon from what I can tell by going through all the threads on the message board! do y'all think Club MB would be worth it? I read it's hit and miss! what should we expect as we arrive at the resort? and will they snub us if we ask for a top floor room? since we reserved the one BR beachfront suite we would like a top floor but i'm unsure about asking for one. do they take requests easily? thanks!

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    Hi Jessica,

    It's easy to tell that you're excited...and rightly so. First, congratulations on your upcoming wedding and honeymoon. In our humble opinion, which others may differ with, you've chosen the most romantic Couples resort for your honeymoon. We were married there (weddingmoon) and have been back a few times since.

    As for Club MB...haven't used it and not sure if it's a good thing or not. That's something you'll have to decide based on what you've found and what others might tell you.

    If you want a Beachfront Suite (BFS) on the top floor then go ahead and ask for it. Nobody is going to "snub" you for asking for it. Many people, including us, have asked for specific blocks or even rooms. The good thing is that CSS will always do their best to accommodate your request.

    Here's the's your vacation (honeymoon) so make it what you want. Don't let others influence what you should or shouldn't do. Some like climbing Dunn's River Falls, we fall into that category, while others don't. Some like going to Sunset Beach (SSB) and getting an all-over tan while others don't. We like to go for walks around the resort, play a little volleyball, do a little kayaking, snorkel a bit and just relax. For a real appreciation of all that CSS has to offer we advocate doing the resort tour on the first or second day.

    The big thing is to look at the activity schedules, including the Trading Places visit to CTI (if you've signed up for Romance Rewards) and pick the things that you'd like to do. Then, be ready to adjust once you've gotten onto "Jamaica Time" and figure out what you really want to do.

    Have a great time, get ready to be pampered and have a wonderful honeymoon!

    Bart & Bug

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    Congrats on the upcoming honeymoon. Only you can answer whether Club MoBay is worth it or not. What day and time you are landing has a lot to do with wait times. We usually land on a Monday or Tuesday morning so for us Club Mobay isn't worth it, but if we were landing on a Saturday afternoon we would purchase it in a heart beat.

    As for asking for a top floor room, just ask nicely, please and thank-you goes along way. If one is available it won't be a problem.

    And a big suggestion: try any and all soups, do not plan anything for after a message, you will be to relaxed to move.

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    wow! thanks for the info y'all! Bart and Bug: thanks for your opinions on asking for a room! I spoke with my travel agent earlier and she said she can request the top floor in A block in the BFS. hopefully we can get one, and if not i'm sure it won't ruin our vacation, as we are very easy going people! I have saw people on these threads and also TripAdvisor who I believe are nit-picking at things, thus causing their own vacations to be ruined. and I think we will sign up for the tour and book activities/dinners ASAP! thanks for the awesome advice!

    redinthehead: thanks for the Club MoBay advice... I think we will opt out considering we should be arriving around 11:30. and if we have to wait an hour or two in a line at the airport, so be it. like I stated earlier, it won't be the end of the world!

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    Congratulations, You're going to love the experience. It is quite romantic and a vacation you will never forget. Try all the restaurants, the food is very very good! redinthehead is spot on with soup. I had the pumpkin soup and I couldn't believe how good it was. (and I don't like pumpkin soup!)
    Some couples will draw a big heart in the sand with their names and date inside, then take a picture. I think that would make an awesome picture hanging on your wall at your new home. Sign up for a photo shoot for the both of you. I don't believe it will cost you anything for the session and you do not have to buy if you don't like them. They can be a bit pricey but you may get that one great shot.
    Don't forget to pause and take it all in... Getting back may take a while. Have a great time!

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    CSS will be a wonderful place for your honeymoon, nice and quiet. Great place to take walks and discover little private areas. Congratulations and have a wonderful time.

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    We got married at CSS back in 2009. It is a wonderful and romantic place. You will love it.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    sign up for romance reports and you can request your room assignment from there. You'll have a wonderful time at CSS we will also be there at the same time this will be our 4th trip and two years

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    Congrats on the wedding. My wife and I went in Sept for our 20th and fell in love with the place, there are so many places to be alone and enjoy each other. Or you can join in with others if you want. One thing I like to do there is to swim in front of the mineral pool and fitness center. you might be the only ones out there and the water is great. My wife loves the grotto to go cool off and get the extra 5 years added on to her life. You will have a great time. Join the romance rewards program and pre check in, you can request a 3rd floor room in the comment section.

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    y'all will be down there then too? that's awesome! we will be there May 3-8. wish we could stay longer, but hopefully we can always come back we will have to meet up!

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    thanks for the good advice! will definitely have to do those things!

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    Congrats on your wedding and for choosing CSS as your honeymoon destination. Some if the things you may want to try:
    1. Edgar's special omelette
    2. Bring a copy if your marriage certificate and you can book a half hour couples massage for free.
    3. Although it is a bit touristy, do dunns river falls.
    4. Book your dinner reservations the day you get there for Casanova and Pallazina dinners .
    5. Do the orientation
    6. Do a bob Marley
    7. Float in the ocean on the float pads that are on the loungers.
    8. Have a nap on one of the several hammocks throughout to property
    9. Give Ssb a try.
    10. Relax!!! Everyting irie!!!

    My best advise though is for your wedding and honeymoon, take a few moments to step back and take it all in, enjoy the moment, or both will be a whirlwind blur.

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    You have chosen the perfect resort for your honeymoon.
    CSS just oozes romance.
    CSS is just the most beautiful of all four of the Couples resorts.
    Do explore every inch of CSS..Go up the stairs in all of the buildings on the cliffs and look at the views..Each step at CSS offers you a different beautiful scene.

    AND..Do seek out CSS's GM Pierre Battalgia and give him a huge hug from Tommywommy

    GO.RELAX.ENJOY CSS and have a Salty Dog for me..Ruff Ruff

    CSS..Couples Sans Souci..Oh,how I do love typing these words.

    Hugs from Tommywommy of 10 0 C

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    Have fun
    Have room service drinks wine and cheese around 4 pm each day
    Do snorkeling and have water sports take you out on a hobie cat
    Do a bob Marley
    Read a book
    Maybe try the AN beach
    We went last,year and didn't but we're tempted
    Casanovas is great

    Have dippy eggs at breakfast cast iron skillet
    Enjoy your honeymoon

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    I don't have a lot more to say. All of the other replies have nailed it on how wonderful and special CSS is. Please take the time to explore the grounds. The intimate pathways and so beautiful and romantic. You will so enjoy all of the staff. They do go out their way to make your stay memorable. Take time to walk or job around the lake on the grounds. It is such a lovely setting. You can even get a bike to ride. Take advantage of room service at least a couple of times. The cheese and fruit tray is wonderful for a pre dinner treat. Have a great time and savor every moment.

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    We always enjoy sitting by the pond and feeding the turtles in the morning. Just 52 more days, 275 days and 418 days but who's counting.

    Jeff & Debe
    CSS May 2012, May 2013, Dec 2013

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    Congrats on the upcoming wedding and honeymoon
    We love CSS and have been many times

    A couple of other things
    Sign up on the Meet Up section of the MB for your time
    It is a great way to know some names of others who will be there at the same time as you

    Don't be too bent on doing everything
    We often make plans to do stuff and then just get stuck in the sand
    it can be so relaxing just to sit together by the ocean and watch the waves listening to Reggae

    Do the resort orientation your first day
    It will help you know where and when everything is
    plus you will meet some others who just arrived at the resort, built in new friends

    Use lots of sunscreen
    Nothing worse than a sunburn on your honeymoon
    the sun is strong and can sneak up on you in Jamaica

    Go to Showtime (the evening entertainment)
    the music is good, there is dancing, and it can be a lot of fun
    sometimes there is a sing a long and karaoke afterwards
    there is also a new martini bar

    Agree with trying SSB
    If you are thinking about it at all, give it a try.
    Go early in your trip. That way if you like it you can stay all week.

    Hope you have a great trip and I hope that CSS becomes as special to you as it is to us


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