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    Default New Southwest Flight Booked

    We just booked our Southwest flight from Orlando to Mobay for August. We usually travel JetBlue but Southwest arrives at 12:50 vs. JetBlue 2:35. Can't get there soon enough! And Southwest was definitely less expensive. We are taking JetBlue back to Orlando because it leaves Mobay later than SW. Hope it all works out! We will be renewing our vows on Aug. 19th at CSA!! Can't wait for another wonderful time in paradise!

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    I just was researching Southwest. Are your first two bags really free? Their prices seems decent and even lower than other airlines. Let me know how you like it.

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    Yes, the 1st two bags on Southwest are free, even in domestic flights. Made it nice when I went to New Orleans to not have to carry on all my luggage, I just checked them.

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    Bummer, Southwest will not let us book from San Diego to MBJ... wonder why that is...!!!??? They fly San Diego to Orlando and from Orlando to MBJ...

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    We just booked ours too!
    $400 per person non-stop roundtrip from Baltimore! August 31-September 6

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    Hi Bearso, I think Southwest is starting with direct flights from Orlando and Baltimore to MBJ on July 1st. I believe the press release I read stated that they would be adding more cities later........

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    Hoping this is still as good in 2015.

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    Also booked our flights for October on Southwest. While the times are not quite as good as US Air, I was able to use our points and get both our tickets for less points then I can get them for on US Air. Figured it up, and it was about a $250 savings for us to use Southwest. We are going to go down a day early to make up for the several hours we lose, sweet.

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    I'm feeling like it's a little bit of a mixed bag having Southwest absorb the AirTran routes from Baltimore. We enjoyed being able to pay just a little bit extra for an exit row on AirTran, and liked the twice daily non-stops 7 days a week. On the other hand, SW having 2 bags free is a big plus, but no guaranteed exit row. Also, they seem to have only one non-stop a day, except on Saturdays. On weekdays, when we prefer to fly to avoid the crowds, their flights into MBJ leave later in the morning and their return from MBJ leaves earlier. Maybe they'll add more flights when their winter schedule comes out.

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    Wow... just looked at SWA and AirTran for a flight from MKE next week and their coach fares are kind of outrageous... about $500 more than Delta or USAir for 2.

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    Same thing for us! Philadelphia to Orlando. Orlando to MBJ. We booked non stop from Philly to MBJ with US Airways.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bearso View Post
    Bummer, Southwest will not let us book from San Diego to MBJ... wonder why that is...!!!??? They fly San Diego to Orlando and from Orlando to MBJ...

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