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    Default Need help choosing which room at CSA

    We've been to CSA once before and stayed in an Atrium and while I loved it, the husband did not. The only thing he requires is a room with window glass instead of wooden slats.

    I've read on here that the remodeled Ocean VS have some sort of issue with the bathroom and standing water so that's out of the question for us.

    Being close to the nightlife (or far from it) is not a concern to us. Everything is within a few minute walking distance. Any suggestions on rooms with actual glass in the windows that are similar to the Atrium? The pictures on Couples website are very limited. Money is a factor in our decision.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Our last trip there, one couple stayed in the Garden Verendah, although they still had a great ocean view where their window is... and the other couple had a Great House Verandah suite with a great view of the waters, as well.

    Either way, your trip.

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    Our favorite is the Ocean Verandah Suite, first floor and corner room. If you look at the CSA map and the Ocean Verandah Suite has the #3 on it, we stay in the building just to the right of that one, although that is a good building also. The hot tub is just outside of the back steps, you have a great view of the Ocean and the best part is that there is not much foot traffic, so you have some privacy when sitting or eating and not have to worry about leaving anything out to dry. Although we have never lost anything to theft, there is always the first time, especially when you have your diving equipment out to dry. We stayed in a Beach Front Verandah Suite and just did not like it, no privacy on the Verandah with all the foot traffic and it was fairly noisy. We were in the building closest to the Swim Up Pool Bar and maybe if you were in the older part of the resort that has a greater distance from the Verandah to the sidewalk it may make a difference. In that room when you left the Verandah you were immediately on the main sidewalk.

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    Our favourite was the BFVS, when we can deal with the upgraded costs. We love the 3rd floor room so we can sit out and enjoy an unobstructed view of the resort and the ocean; particularly when storms come around the cliffs and sunset is near.

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    Hi ashleyL and welcome to the Couples family! We've been to CSA four times and have stayed in the garden veranda suites, GVS. We usually prefer to stay on the newer side closer to the great house. They have upgraded the bathrooms and created an issue with water on the floor due to the short glass wall at the shower. It's not a problem if you just keep a towel on the floor. The other problem we had was a terrible wifi connection. The other GVS rooms seemed to have much better wifi if that's important to you. If not, then we like the newer ground floor rooms that if you ask for the key you can come and go through the veranda door which is very convenient. I'm sure that any room you get with windows will be awesome so just enjoy your time in Paradise, aka CSA! And please say hello to Ultimate Chocolate from Steve and Barbara from NY and we'll see him next December!

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