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    Default I need information on The Bob Marley tour

    I would like to take the bob marlet tour when I'm staying at couple swept away. Does anyone know what the cost will be per person? and would i be able to book this tour from the resort? Does anyone know how can i get from Negril to Mobay for the tour?

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    Bob Marley's birth place and Moseleum (Nine Mile) is 2 hours away from Ocho Rios, which is 3 hours away from Negril. Couples will provide the transportation, but do you really want to spend 12 hours away from a beautiful resort you are paying 400-500 $ per day for?
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    i would concure with wally ... the bob marley birth place is a nice attraction if you are on the ocho side of the island ... you may want to kick around the west end if you want to get a cool native negril reggae vibe... save the marley house for your next trip if you visit css or cti
    6-7 hours in a car in JA is certainly a different way to spend a holiday enjoy if you go

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