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    Default Wedding Requirements -3 days or 2 days??

    We are planning a wedding at CSA in December and are confused on the wedding requirements. Our travel agent said that we only need to be there 48 hours before the wedding, but looking at Couples website it says that it is required to be at Couples for 3 days prior.

    When I asked our travel agent after seeing that on the website, he responded by saying that is a loose requirement.

    We are talking about our marriage here....I would like to know for sure what the law is. Would hate to get back and find out it wasn't legal.

    Please help!


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    When we got married there we had to be there for 2 full days and were able to get married on the 3rd day. Arrived Sunday...married Wednesday. Hope this helps in your planning. Also a good idea would be to contact the resort wedding planner directly by phone or e-mail to get the wedding info from the experts that will be helping to make your day special. Congratulations and best wishes!!

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    It's pretty cut and dried, it's 3 days as the website says. If you or your know it all agent has any doubts, just call 1-800-couples and ask the wedding department.

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    we're getting our vows renewed (i know not same thing but almost) and we're only staying in CSA for 5 nights. we're getting "married" on the 3rd day. it wouldn't allow us to enter it in the website on the page you reserve your wedding date on, but i just emailed them and they were able to make it correct on the website. just email them or call, they're very nice about it!

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    The legal residency requirement for non-residents to marry in Jamaica under Jamaica's Marriage Code is 24 hours. The two-day or three-day requirement is resort policy. The resort wants to ensure that the staff has ample opportunity to meet with you and make appropriate arrangements. As long as you are both legally marriageable (i.e., you are both over the age of 18, neither of you is already married to another, etc.), then your marriage will be legal, binding, and recognized in the U.S.

    Although you didn't ask this question, I thought I'd add, since the issue comes up so often, that you need to do absolutely nothing with your marriage certificate once you receive it in order for your marriage to be recognized in the U.S. The U.S. and every state therein recognize as valid marriages legally performed in other countries. There is no requirement to "file" your marriage certificate in your county of residency in order for your marriage to be valid in the U.S.
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    Good morning!

    I don't know if you have spoken with the Couples staff yet, but I thought I would let you know that my fiance and I are getting married at CSS in June of this year and they have allowed us to get married after 48 hours on the island. We have to have a short stay due to the fact that my fiance is active duty military so they have made an exception for us. We can only stay 4 nights so we didn't want to get married and then turn around and head for home the next morning. I know that a lot of other resorts have a 48 hour rule and Couples rule is 72 hours, however if you speak with a member of management they can reduce that time limit for you. I was adament that I wanted to get married at CSS and they went above and beyond to make that happen for us! I am sooo excited and beyond ready to say I DO in paradise!

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