Richie Swartz
With the pricegate issue behind us, I was wondering about paying more and getting less.
It seems to me that every day as we do what we do, we are prisoners of the marketing and production empires. Example: You go to buy a gallon of milk. It's x amount of dollars. Next week you buy the same milk for x + y dollars. Same amount of milk but costs more. Buying gas the same way. One week it's one price, the next it's gone up again. Just about everything we buy, whatever it is, food, services, movies, et all, often go up in price. Leaving us to purchase the same item, but we pay more.
And in every single incident, that we wind up paying more for the same, there is no additional benefit. Something to off set the increased cost. But we get nothing other than the same size can for more money.
So with the rates raised at Couples why do we feel that there should be some other perk to off set the hike. They, like every other business, had to raise the rates, but they aren't giving us anything extra. No upgrade in decor, service, food, whatever. And I'm not sure that they should.
It's not as though they are taking something away from us. That would be a different story. They are still offering the same of everything, but it's going to cost more. We really aren't losing any of the things that we love. It's just like that tankful of gas that we can not do without. Same amount, pay more.

For us, there really isn't anything that they could improve on that would enhance our enjoyment any more than it already is. The foundation, the core of what we love about CTI, is so much more than fresh paint, new decor, more food or crystal chandeliers. It's what has been said over and over again. It's the staff. The way each one of them plays their part in a huge outdoor theater production of "We'll take care of you". The relationships that we have built over the years.
And of course, the sun, sand, warm waters, palm trees, tropical from start to finish. I'm chillen just writing down these words.

I'm not a fan of paying more but only getting the same amount. But I also know that it has become a way of life for everyone. No one is spared. And so it is with Couples. More money same scenario. With the rates being adjusted downward, for most but not all, I am, for the time being, quite satisfied. I feel a sense of urgency to return to CTI in April. It may help repair some of my concerns and uncertainty. But in any case, we will be where we most want to be. With each other in a dream that we never had.