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    Default PADI/Scuba Diving Cert question


    My partner and I are going to CN in November and are doing the online section of the PADI course now so we can get stuck into the practical side as soon as we arrive (getting married whilst there too so will be busy!).

    My question is, when we get there and enrol to complete the PADI Open Water part, is the Recreational Diver Planner and diver's logbook included in the price and given to you by Couples when you begin? Or does this need to be purchased separately?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Susie,
    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and you'll love Couples!
    When we did our PADI certification at CSA last October the price included the study materials and diver's logbook.

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    you might want to conact them and ask. i dont think the books will be given to you since your basically doing a referral and only doing your confined and open water dives with them. your price should be cheaper than doing the entire course with couples. your online PADI class provides all the book material but online only. i would prefer to have the books. just be prepared to pay the full price or alittle extra for them.

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    The price does not include the books. I completed the pool work and practical at home before going to Negril for open water certification. Sugar (he is fantastic) is generally the one to certify people. You can purchase the books and log from them as well. Give Sugar and the crew hugs from me 128 days till I return to CN.

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    Highly unlikely you will get the eRDPML or the log book since you are referring only on the 4 OW dives. Purchase everything in advance.

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    They were both included when I certified at CN 2 years ago. Heading home in 6 weeks!

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