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    Default Bus ride from MB to CN.......

    What do folks normally tip the bus driver??
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    We typically tip $5-10/person depending on how involved/entertaining the driver is with the guests. Some will be your personal Jamaica tour guide and tell everything you ever wanted to know while others will just drive. It all comes down to what you feel is appropriate, since your tip is between you and the driver.

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    We usually tip $10-$15

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    I usually tip $5-10 bucks, depending on if they are willing to stop for more Red Stripes!

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    And we tip more if they don't stop! We don't want to stop, we just want to get to CN. 5-10 dollars per person seems to be about normal.

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    I allow for twenty bucks each way. Keeps it simple, respectful, and (so far), a fair amount of fun on the ride....especially heading to the CN. Seven sleeps back there. Irie.

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