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    Default Not long to go - just a few little things!!! Help pretty please!

    Hi everyone,

    Well we're off in just 7 weeks to get married at CN!!

    I am reasonably in control but I just have a few little things making me nervous if anyone can help please?

    The first and main thing I was wondering is...

    We're having Stacey Clarke doing the photos and I know the general order of which everything happens before the ceremony, i.e - go to salon while groom gets ready then go back and I put on dress, etc.. I was just wondering what time Stacey normally arrives before the actual ceremony (11am). It may be a silly thing to worry about but we're going on our own and I need help with doing up my dress but wouldn't want Stacey there taking photos whilst I'm changing (I'm quite shy). Is there much privacy? I am also not that bothered about having pics done of the dress before I put it on, etc.. I would rather be nice & ready and calm before Stacey arrives but does she come around the same time as the wedding co-ordinator who helps with the dress??

    The other thing is, if I get CN to steam my dress, when do they bring it back? I'm just a bit concerned my future hubby's going to see it, that's all. If they bring it back too early, I'm not sure how I can hide it from him.

    Also..! I've booked Stacey for two hours but not sure if this is enough as I want to quickly change my dress for another cheaper one for some trash the dress shots at the end. One girl kindly came back and said that she had two hours & thought it was plenty but can anyone else advise of their experiences, do you think I should see if I can get another hour? The most important thing is to get lots of nice photos of my nice dress before I change.

    Lastly..! there doesn't seem to be many reviews on getting your makeup done at CN. I'm getting my hair done there (no idea what style yet but that's another story!). However, I am very confident with doing my own makeup and perhaps a little fussy particularly when it comes to mascara but it would be nice to get it done at the salon for a stress free beginning if they're really good. I was also thinking that due to a hot climate, that they should know what they're doing with the base makeup more than me! Has anyone had their makeup done there and been impressed with it/think they did better job than doing it themselves? Any personal opinions on this would be really appreciated.

    Thanks so much for any help with all these silly worries, I know they're only minor things but I seem to be fretting about them more than I should be!


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    My wedding was on June 18th and we got married at 11 a.m. Stacey arrived at my room at 10:30. I didn't feel self conscious about her being there while I was changing at all...actually she was helpful with zipping my dress because my husband to be had been sent down to the spa to dress so he wouldn't see me before the wedding.

    I think you will feel very comfortable with Stacey...she was like a little sister to me because for some reason I started to get nervous about 15 minutes before wedding time. On the day of my wedding Gizelle, the wedding coordinator, didn't get to my room until exactly I don't know about her helping with you getting dressed. I already had my undergarments on when Stacey got there so when it was close to time to go down for the ceremony I just slipped into my dress.

    I know you have hundreds of questions because I remember being the same way...but relax everyone at couples comes together in order to make your wedding day AMAZING!!!!

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