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    My husband and I are thinking about spending the night in NYC so that we can get the first flight arriving into MBJ the following morning - That being the Air Caribbean flight arriving at 8:35 am. I'm sick of losing most of my first day in travels!! :-)

    Has anyone done this? What is your experience arriving this early? I assume our room won't be ready when we get there but we can still have use of the facilities, correct?


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    Yes. While your room might not be ready, you can leave your bags with the bellman. Pack a bathing suit in your carryon. Enjoy the beach, eat the food, and when your room is ready, check-in. The only question I'll ask, is the cost of the night in NYC that much cheaper than just going to Couples a day earlier?
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    We take an over night flight from Phoenix so we can take one of the early flights from the east coast to MBJ and love it. The airport usually empty so no lines. If you get to resort and room isn't ready (2 out of 4 trip) you can put on swim wear and go enjoy what the resort has to offer. We keep valuables with us but leave suitcases in lobby. Then when we are ready to get cleaned up for dinner we head back to lobby to see about our room around 4:30pm.

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    We always take the early flight. Four hours on the plane to rest from JFK. We usually breeze through customs at this time and after a quick change of clothes and drink at the Couples Lounge (put shorts, flip flops, t-shirt, and sunglasses in your carry on) head to our resort (CSA is our favorite). We arrive about lunch time at the resort and even though our room is not always ready that early (4:00 check in) it is not a problem as we grab some sun screen and a bathing suit from our bags and start the fun after the check in process by changing in the bathrooms off the lobby. Grab lunch at one of the restaurants or just get a drink at a beach bar and chill on a lounge by the pool or beach. Later you can check back at the lobby to see if your room is ready and then they take your bags there. No problem... Why waste any time from your vacation in paradise if you don't have to?!?!

    Which resort are you going to? In any case figure about an hour and a half to get there from the airport.

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    We have taken the Air Caribbean out of Phili (early flight also) and it was ok. My only concern with a small airline is that if there is a problem, you are done. With a larger carrier, if there is a problem with one route, you might have options (with connections) of getting out of Dodge and getting to MoBay through another route. Example: Newark>MoBay direct is cancelled on United? I will fly to Miami...or wherever, just to find a connection to MoBay.

    Yeah, I am a little paranoid.

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    When we arrive in the late morning or early afternoon our room has rarely been ready but no worries. We change into our suits and head to the beach. In fact last year by the time we left the beach at sunset our bags were the only ones in the front lobby, we found Remington and he took us and our bags to our room. 42 days and counting. Yes we are counting as winter continues to hang on here in Wisconsin. Red Stripe, sun, red stripe, sun,.........soon come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fawnridge View Post
    Yes. While your room might not be ready, you can leave your bags with the bellman. Pack a bathing suit in your carryon. Enjoy the beach, eat the food, and when your room is ready, check-in. The only question I'll ask, is the cost of the night in NYC that much cheaper than just going to Couples a day earlier?
    The flight is the same price as waiting until the next day, but we wouldn't arrive at MBJ until almost 3 pm. This gives us the opportunity to still work on Friday and take the late flight to NYC for the connection to MBJ. Last year we got in at around 2 pm and customs was crazy. By the time we drove to CTI, it was dinner time. We'd like to get the most out of every day!

    Thanks for the input all!!!

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    we are doing the same thing. Flying out of JFK 5/30 @5:40am land in mobay 825. Cant beat that. hoping all goes smooth and on the beach by 1030/11am

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    In the past we've always flown from Phoenix and stayed the night in FL. Caught the earliest flight out and enjoyed the day at the resort. We usually ate, walked around and sat at the beach for a bit then our rooms were ready. It was nice because we were well rested for our 1st real day at the resort. This year we are taking a red eye to Miami and then right to MBJ to avoid the whole staying the night thing. We'll see how it goes!

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    We have done the Caribbean air for the past 2 years, great flight, van ride to csa is quick and usually only us or one other couple.
    You get in before lunch and customs takes no time, it's empty.

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    When all the flights this year got cancelled out of Newark and JFK Caribbean air got out. The plane at JFK is there overnight .

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    Just booked it and I am super excited to gain the half a day! Thanks to all for your help!!

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    Has anyone flown the early morning flight out of JFK to Montego Bay regularly? We always take JetBlue but their flight times have changed and we wouldn't land at MBJ until 4:30. We would miss the entire day by the time we would reach the resort. I have recently read many terrible reviews online about Caribbean Airways. Could they all be true? I am hoping there are fellow Couples repeaters out there that could tell me otherwise.

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    We take that flight, and once in MoBay, we fly into Negril on TimAir. Sometimes we're at the resort early enough to enjoy breakfast.
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    We are spending the first night in Detroit again this year. This allows us arrive in Montego Bay2 1/2 hours earlier than the Minneapolis - Atlanta route. There is a Westin hotel located in the Detroit airport, which is really convenient.
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