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    Default Which BFVS building to choose at CSA?

    My husband and I will be arriving at CSA on March 8 for one week and have booked a BFVS room. This will be our 5th trip to Jamaica, 2nd to Negril, 1st to a Couples resort, plus we haven't been to Jamaica in 17 years and we are soooo looking forward to this trip. We already know that we would like 3rd floor for privacy and view, possibly a corner room for the "openness". Which building would be best if we have a choice? Walking is not an issue, we are used to huge AI resorts. I'm thinking maybe one closer to the older side for more privacy and flora? Thanks so much in advance for your advice. I find this forum extremely helpful!

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    My husband and I have been to CSA twice and we always request to be closer to the older side of the resort. We love being near the Palms because we love their breakfast and we're close to the lobby over there so that if we need anything, they aren't too far away. Also, I feel like that side is a little more private because the vegetation is a little bit more full. We stayed in a beachfront suite the first time we went, but now stay in the GVS's because they are more private and better air conditioned (in our opinion). We also love the savings we get when we stay there...we can afford to go more often by saving on our room category! Either way, wherever you get placed, you're so lucky to be in can't go wrong!!!

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    This particular bfvs is 2 buildings down from the swimup pool bar so farther from the middle of csa but I just had to share what kind of views from the first floor. Not as much privacy as the second and third floors but the views and access are awesome. This is 4122, have a great trip!!!
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    Thanks, MC, I think I will request the building closest to the older side. I already sent my pre registration form requesting 3rd floor corner room but not including a bldg number. I suppose I could email Couples to ask for bldg #42, 3rd floor, corner room? I know a request is just that....a request.

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    We were in 4117 and it was perfect for us! Close to the beach, bar and Patois. Enjoy! We are back in October.

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    Try to be toward the middle of the resort and further from the Patois Restaurant if you can to avoid the extra morning noise. As you can't reserve rooms at any Couples Resort I would suggest asking if there are any extra choices for empty rooms when you arrive and see if they will walk you down to take a look. We have done this and seeing it first hand make a big difference. You can even check out your view from each balcony. You will find you don't spend that much time sitting in your room anyway. Enjoy.

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