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    Default What paperwork do we need or recieve prior to arrival at resort

    25 days til we are back home to CSS. In the past I have booked through airlines travel site and recieved paperwork from them showing booking details. This time I booked the land portion direct through Couples. I have the confirmation email from when I first booked is this what I should bring with or will I be receiving something from Couples before our trip?

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    It never hurts to have a copy of your confirmation email printed and with you, I've never needed it at Couples, but you never know. I usually take my confirmation with me wherever I travel. And if you haven't already, you should sign up for romance rewards and use the pre check-in service. You can provide them all the details of your flights and pre-select items for your minibar. But there's no additional paperwork needed.

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    You won't be receiving anything else. Just print your email confirmation off and take it with you.
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    You don't need any paperwork for Couples - Just tell them your name. All you need for the airlines and TSA is your passport.
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    All you will receive is the confirmation email. I always brting that email with me--especially if it states we are to receive early booking resort credits. Have a great trip!

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    You won't get anything from couples and you won't need anything either. Just do the pre checkin and sign up for romance rewards a couple weeks before your trip.

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    You won't receive anything else. If it gives you peace of mind, you can call Couples a few days beforehand to confirm, but Couples "went green" several years ago and ceased sending out confirmation materials through the mail. You don't need to bring the confirmation email with you, but again, if it gives you peace of mind to do so, then by all means, bring it with you. Have a great trip.
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    Do bring the email, last year when I tried to check in @ the Couples Lounge we were not on the "list" and having that email helped save time I believe, note that was the first time in many trips we were not on the list of arriving passengers.

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