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    Default CSS Wedding- Beach or Gardens

    My fiancé and I will be married at CSS on April 22nd. When we planned to be married in Jamaica, it was with a beach wedding in mind. However, I've seen several posts suggesting that the gardens at are a better wedding location than the beach. More private, beautiful view, etc. Are there any previous CSS guests out there that could tell us more about the beach location? We want our day to be spectacular and would love suggestions from anyone who has been there. Thank you!!

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    The beach is ok, I say do it in the wedding gazebo. Beautiful and private. I'll add, there are areas all over the place that would be pretty for a wedding. The grounds are gorgeous but if we were doing it again (got married at csa 's stunning beach), and we were at css, the gazebo it would be.
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    Thank you for your comments!

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    There is one more spot that most people don't know about in addition to the beach and the wedding gazebo… the spa gazebo! It's much bigger and absolutely gorgeous! We did our ceremony there on 5/25/14. It's super quiet obviously because it's the spa, and 100% private unlike the other two options.

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    The wedding gazebo is totally private

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    What you have to remember is that whenever a wedding is taking place in Jamaica they are very strict about not crossing the line of the wedding ceremony. They will block off your wedding area with signs saying "Wedding in process". For the wedding gazebo, which I just got married in on June 9th, they block the stairs and the walk way far away so that it is just you, your hubby & your wedding party. As well as the couples staff assisting with the wedding. No one else is allowed to walk through there. For the beach, it is harder for them to block it off completely like they do for the gazebo, people can be in the water or on the beach, they just can't cross the line where you will walk down the aisle. You will have the noise from the bellavista, the pool bar, people on the beach, etc. If you do a beach wedding, I'd do the sunset wedding on ssb at CSS. It's more money but it's private, you get a sunset, & you don't have to worry about people in the background making too much noise. It's really just whatever you want, I knew I wanted the gazebo/garden area going into our wedding planning process, if you want the beach, look into all of your options. Personally, I wouldn't want to do it on the "textile beach" because the location isn't that spectacular, very small area, very small beach (although we do love it, just not for a wedding in my opinion), and it's not very private. My only other suggestion for a beach wedding would be to go to one of the Couples resorts on Negril beach, its a lot bigger, sand is much prettier and softer, it's more of an area made for a beach wedding. At CSS, which is our home away from home and we LOVE it more than words can say, I'd do the wedding gazebo. Talk to the wedding coordinators, they can help you decide too! Happy planning!

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    Is there room for guests in the gazebo areas? I also have 10-12 people attending and I am worried that the complimentary wedding will not be sufficient. Any feedback??

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    KristaG - Couples will have you do your ceremony at the spa gazebo where there is room for your guests. The wedding gazebo isn't big enough with enough standing room for that many people.

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    Best way to do it is combine them - a garden at the if you did a destination wedding to Jamaica or something and got married at the resort, you could do it in one of the resort's gardens, but be right there at the beach. If you are on the actual beach, you've got sand, direct sunlight with no shade, sometimes wind, etc.

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