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    Thanks in advance for all the answers I am getting I know I am asking alot of questions...
    On the Romance Extras. Can you get them When you get there or should you buy them before you go??? We will be arriving at Cn March 9 I am so ready I can't stand it.

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    You should get them before you go for the surprise factor. You can purchase them any day so if you want to surprise your love each day that would be cool too.

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    You can do it either way. Many of the packages have benefits provided in your room on arrival (wine, flowers etc). If you want those in place when you arrive you will need to contact the resort and book the package ahead of time.

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    They can be done either way. If you were trying to have a dinner in the treehouse, for instance, on a certain date then it might be best to book it before you go as there's only one treehouse and one dinner served there a night. For things where there is more availability it's not so important to book early. Have a great visit!! 71 days to go for us!!!

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