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    Default THE PALM is now open

    We are here at CSA right now and the Palm opened today. We just had breakfast there and it was wonderful. For all of you who are worried that it has been changed - no problem mon. It is just about the same, but so clean and spruced up. There is a totally fresh paint job, but still the same (but lighter and brighter)mottled aqua effect. The tables are still arranged that lovely way around the peremiter so you can gaze out at the lush vegetation or sea. The breakfast pastries have been moved to that back corner spot where the lunch and dinner desserts are - good move. I understand there will be a larger cocktail area in the front of the buffet area and I will let you know, as we plan on drinks and dinner there tonight. It is simply lovely. There are the usual opening day problems such as a log jam at the two omlette stations and those waiting for the scrambled eggs and hash browns had to put up with the line until we could get up to get our food, but I have every faith they will figure out how to handle that. There are no longer the large chafing dishes - they are now recessed into the buffet line giving it a more open feel. Except for the previously mentioned log jam at the omletter stations, I'd say they have managed to keep the wonderfulness of the old Palm and mixed it with some new fresh looks. We took a ton of photos and I will post them next week, when (alsa) we are back at our other home. I will write tomorrow to let you know about our dinner.....

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    Thanks so much for the update! We're off to CSA in 12 days so were anxious to hear about the renovations!
    I look forward to your update tomorrow.

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    Thank you! Thank you! I have been anxiously waiting to hear all about it we look forward to seeing pictures. Appreciate you taking the time to let us know. Enjoy your vacation.

    Kevin & Angie

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    Hope they still have the salad bar at dinner

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    what is the weather like? says scattered thundershowers all week. we will be there friday

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    thanks for the info. we will come and see it Thursday.


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    Did they change the name of it too?? LOL

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    We are here also but tonight is our last night. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

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    So glad to hear it opened. Heading to CSA for first time October 23 and can't wait!! Is the island/resort busy? Do people really set alarms early just to put a towel on a beach chair?

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    We did not make it to dinner last night. But definitely will tonight and I will write my update tomorrow. But to answer a couple of the previous questions - yes, there is still a salad bar. And about the weather - this is our 5th day - each day starts out sunny and hot/humid. Then about 2:00 there is a round of rain - sometimes sprinkles for 15 minutes or (yesterday) rain/thunderstorms off and on all afternoon. But, it actually doesn't stop much. People just move inside for awhile. We have seen a couple beautiful sunsets. I believe right now the weather is sunny in the AM and rainy in the PM. You will still enjoy.

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