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Thread: We are here!!

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    Default We are here!!

    We arrived at TI yesterday afternoon and have been loving every second of it. Last night was the beach party...SO MUCH WONDERFUL FOOD, singing and dancing. Started my morning out with champagne/orange juice........might be a long day! Lots to do-we will post pictures when we come back. I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE!!!!

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    DavenRach...Enjoy CTI..Peggy and I had a blast there this past April.

    Please seek out Ava at guest services and give her a hug for Tommywommy.

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    I am SO jealous!!! Hope your trip is amazing. Can't wait to see the pictures when you get back!!

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    ENJOY Your time in Paradise! Have a Wonderful Vacation!!!
    Art xo Francine

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    don't forget to sign up for a complimentary photo session. They take a tons of pictures and you aren't obligated to pay for any of them but once you see them, it will be hard to decide which ones you want. We picked out 28 pictures - they were great and a great addition to what Couples has to offer.

    have a great time and we sure miss TI - seems like we haven't been there for forever but it was exactly 2 months ago today that we left for Couples to spend two fantastic weeks there!!! be back in less than 11 months!!!

    marty and Joanne

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    Marty& regards to the complimentary photo session you mentioned they were a great addition to what Couples has to offer. Was there any charge for the photos you picked out? Or are the pictures complimentary also?

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    See ya soon. Half day of work, 2 more sleeps, then Bob's till we drop!

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    How much do the pictures cost? Just an estimate

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