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    Default CN Deluxe Garden vs Deluxe Ocean

    Ok, I have been through millions of reviews and I know I have seen similar posts regarding this subject but I can't seem to make up my mind!

    I really enjoy being able to see the ocean from my balcony but $$ is also an issue this trip. Plus I prefer something on a higher floor not ground floor. More privacy.

    So my question is, for the xtra money would it be worth going with the Deluxe Ocean? I know I have read it is sometimes partial so I wouldn't want to pay extra and barely be able to see anything =(

    Also just to confirm, the deluxe garden and ocean have the stocked mini bar in the room?

    Thanks to all!

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    hi rastagal-
    We have stayed in a Deluxe Garden (Bldg 1), Deluxe Ocean (Bldg 9) and a Beachfront Suite (Bldg 6) always on the 3rd floor. The Deluxe Garden & Deluxe Ocean rooms are IDENTICAL on the inside and amenities are the same. The difference is where they are located. I believe the Garden rooms are mainly in Bldgs 1 thru 5 and the Ocean rooms in Bldgs 6 thru 9, 9 being closest to the AN beach. We absolutely LOVE CN and have trip #4 booked. It will be a Deluxe Garden with more days next trip

    Don't get me wrong....the Beachfront Suite was AWESOME, but Randy threw out such a fabulous deal on the first Wednesday Couplicious Special that we just couldn't turn it down The view was....well, here you go.....
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    Have spent time in both and find it is definately worth the extra money for the ocean. Wasn't a whole lot of difference except that with garden you have to use AC absolutely no breezes like on ocean side and can just leave patio doors open for air.

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    Hi, I am looking for the answer to this too. Basically I'm concerned that there is not a mini bar in the deluxe garden room. That's how it's written on the room descriptions on this site, but other people say there is mini bars in all rooms. Can someone please confirm this??

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    We had a garden view room in building 1 (Room 1207). The view directly in front of our balcony was of the koi pond (and beyond that, the spa), looking to the right we had tropical foilage, and to the left, we had a view of the beach -- although filtered by the lovely palm trees.

    My understanding is that unless you have a suite, the rooms are the same -- with the same ammenities. The only difference is how much of a beach view you have, dependent on whether your room is on the end of the building (which is beachfront). The way the buildings are angled, really no room has a direct, head-on view of the beach.

    Our room, again, a garden view deluxe (lowest level), was a lovely room with all the ammenities of any other room category other than the suites which offer larger rooms and patios/balconies. All rooms -- in all room categories at CN -- have king beds, flat screen tvs mounted to the walls, ipod docking stations, and mini bars.

    We have been going to Jamaica for many years -- and we prefer the more casual laid-back atmosphere and decor of Couples to the oppulence of some of the other resorts on the island that boast of marble and polished silver.

    It's all a personal choice -- but as far as room categories go at CN, all I can say is that we had no issues at all with our garden view deluxe room. We had all the ammenities of those who opted for the highest category suite (other than what I mentioned already above). All guests are treated equally at the resort with no preferences to guests in a higher room category.

    If money were no option, would we book a beachfront suite? Perhaps -- but do we feel slighted by booking a garden view? Not in the least.

    Truly, as it's been said many, many times in the past -- there is really no bad room category at CN. There may be individual rooms that some would question based on its location or view -- but from what I understand, if you are assigned a room that does not meet your expectations, Couples will do everything they can to ensure you are happy.

    Enjoy your stay....


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    Wow Cubbyblu, that is some view!!!

    A suite would be great but not in the budget this trip but maybe one day =)

    I think I've decided on the gardenview with the hopes of building 1 so I might have a chance at a peek of the ocean from the corner of the

    Thanks everyone!

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    Thanks cubbyblu and we2texans for your confirmation on the mini bar! I'm happy now!

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    We stayed in an Deluxe Oceanview room in May this year...paid the extra for this room and wished we hadn't (BLD 7). Don't get me wrong, it was beautiful but could BARELY see the ocean for all the trees in the way. I'd save your extra cash and stay a day longer Go for the cheapest room possible, you are hardly ever in there anyhow

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