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    Default First time..CN or CSA, Advice, general knowledge


    My Wife and I will be going in 2015 for our 5th anniversary.

    We are contemplating CSA and CN, though we are leaning towards CN for the smaller, more intimate setting, and looking at the Beachfront Suite to stay in. We have never been to Jamaica or any all-inclusive resort, and I personally have never left the country.

    Is CN a good first time trip to Jamaica? We deliberated between CSA and CN but have definitely decided to go the COuples Route instead of Sandals or some other chain, Couples just seems more private, less commercialized, more affordable, and I have no need for a butler. .

    Pretty much I'm just looking for advice on what to do, what activities to do, etc. for a firs timer to Jamaica. We don't plan on sitting still often, and like to do all that we can. We're both 22 and enjoy getting out as much as possible but know that 7 days simply isnt enough to do EVERYTHING!.. all replies welcomed!

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    Spend a lot of time reading the boards here. You will find all of your answers. It's Jamaica. It's Negril. You can't go wrong!

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    "We don't plan on sitting still often" NOOB.

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    CN is smaller and has a nude beach. CSA is larger and has the nicest gym facilities in Jamaica. Both have great activities.

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    My husband and I went to CN last September for our honeymoon and LOOOOVED it. We're 24 and there were a lot of other young couples there that we met and hung out with a lot and there was ALWAYS some kind of activity for us to do. The entertainment staff was so good and would always play volleyball with us all day and then stay up at the piano bar until 3am singing karaoke... we were amazed at how they did that for a job because after 7 days we were so exhausted!

    Either way you go I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

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    We have never stayed at CN, but are going to CSA for the ninth time this summer. Having said that I don't think you will be disappointed in either resort. Pick the one that "calls" to you, you will have a great trip. Plan on doing some serious loafing though, it can't be helped.
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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