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    We are considering returning to CSA for our honeymoon in October, and are just wondering if anyone had any experience with Negril in October. I understand Jamaica is in the hurricane belt, so we are a little worried. We are not ones to re visit a place we have already gone to, but we did have a great stay there last time and I heard it is one of the top honeymoon resorts in the caribbean.

    That being said, do they do anything special for those honeymooning? Like I said, we enjoyed our stay but it was because we were just dating at the time and had fun in Negril on 7 mile beach. The resort didn't seem to go above and beyond when it came to romance so thats why i am asking. So I guess the 2 things are:

    1.) How is Negril in October?

    2.) If we honeymoon there, is there anything that really stood out to anyone else?


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    1. Read the boards... All your answers are there re tropics during hurricane season.

    2. Enjoy!

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    We love Jamaica in October...We have been to CSA twice in October. As far as : 2.) If we honeymoon there, is there anything that really stood out to anyone else?
    Each bring the love and the rest will fall into place...

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    We spent our honeymoon at swept away 2/1-2/7. They have a honeymoon package with proof of marriage within 30 days. It includes a 25 minute couples massage and a bottle of sparkling wine. We were a little outside the 30 days, but our travel agent asked if they would honor it, and they said yes. We upgraded to the 50 minute massage. Worth it!

    They also have a honeymooners reception at the resort. We had planned to go, but the scheduling of the event was unclear. There were 3 different date/time combinations listed.

    The best part of our honeymoon was being together. You will make it special in your own way. We took a salsa class together, went snorkeling and had pictures taken by the resort photographers. Of course that's not everything, but just a few "together" moments that we were able to enjoy on our trip.

    About the weather... We had 3+ hours of rain everyday and it was not the rainy season. We made the most out of what resort had to offer. Afternoon rain turned into some couple time and naps. don't sweat the weather. You can't control it wherever you honeymoon.

    Congrats! Enjoy!

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    Honeymooners won't mind

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