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    Default Getting SCUBA certifications at CSA

    Hey all,

    Was there last May and did the pool course for SCUBA and got certified for a 30 foot dive. It was fun, however I didn't really see much marine life.

    I was wondering if I return there, what I need to do (and costs included) to be able to dive deeper next time so I can see a little bit more of the marine life next time. Thanks in advance

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    I can help you out a little with this. In order for you to dive deeper, you will have to be an Open Water Certified diver. This can be gotten at Swept Away, but will take quite a bit of time. There is book work, pool work, and dive work. Not sure about the cost, but $350.00 pops into mind. Another way would be to get Certified before you go. Check with a local dive shop, and find out what your options are. Try to find a PADI dive shop. Even just doing the book work before you go would be a good thing. When in Jamaica, I'd rather be holding a Red Stripe, than a book! Can't wait to get wet!!!

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    My wife & I priced certification in NJ and it was north of $1000 each. I recollect the Couples price closer to the $350 price quoted by BarDar. The tough part is wrapping my brain around course work and book work while at Couples.

    I do believe there is a way to do the course work on line then just do the qualification dives at the resort.

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    My fiance is doing the PADI Open Water referral. She will be doing the class/book work and confined water (pool) dives in town, then doing a skill assesment and 4 open water dives at couples ($215) to get her full Open Water cert. It was definitely the better option for us than driving to Utah or New Mexico to get the OW dives done.

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    Oh yes....a " referr l" is the way to go!!!!! Do all your book work, studying at home, and pool skills...then let the team quide you through your 4 open water dives...and you are certified and can dive daily!!!....or even go on to Advanced Padi Diver. Great no worries! Enjoy....

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