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    We have passed the 20 day mark... somehow 19 days sounds longer than 2 1/2 weeks, but what the heck. Tower Isle Soon Come.

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    273 days to CN/CSS - but who's counting???

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    23 Days until CN Paradise!!! First Timer...........can't wait!

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    Goodness I have until July 20th 2010 and its all I think about. First trip can't wait. Anyone else be there at that time. We love volleyball and socializing!!

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    Hey Vee,
    See you there, we arrive on 10/31****** 18 more days. Can't wait for that
    sand between my toes, rum punch in hand, floaty in the Caribbean feeling!

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    13 more days for our anniversary trip to CN . dream ,eat, sleep Jamaica!!!!
    What is the couples lounge ? Is it at the airport? First time for couples.

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    Sam - I saw on the Meet Up Board you guys are from the Jersey shore. My family all lives in Jersey, most of them south Shore (Keyport, Seabright) I also have relatives speckled throughout Tom's River, RedBank, Whiting, etc. (Large Italian family, what can I say??)

    I posted a pic of us on the Meet up board as well, but you can't miss us. Doug is 6'7" and looks like a cross between Ryan Stiles and Lyle Lovett. (Don't tell him I told you about the Lyle Lovett part.)

    I am SO there right now, it's ridiculous. How can 16 days take soooooo long. Thank goodness, I'm going to D.C. for the Marine Corp Marathon on the 24th. That will occupy the last 5 days before the trip.

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    It's already starting to snow here in Wisconsin... countdown is at 29 days!

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    5 days to go! Time to pull out suitcases and find our snorkel gear!!! Yay for sun, sand and love

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    only 46 days and 11 hours until we head back to our Jamaican home, CSA! It's been 2 years since our last trip and I am about crawling out of my skin counting down the days. I'm sure I am driving everyone up the wall but I can't help it! Jamaica--take me away!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Just thought I'd share.... at this time, 2 weeks from now, we'll be landing in Jamaica and probably standing in line at customs. Close to on our way to CTI. Yum Yum.

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    2 days!!! I have not yet started to pack. I always overpack, so my plan of action is to leave it to the final hour and then hopefully I won't take more than I need....swimsuits, sundresses, lingerie, my favorite toys and of course DH. Yay for sun, sand and love.

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    Vee, just back from Swept Away and the Anniversary Party. the Party was over the top. or as Ultimate would say "off the hook". counting down again. 184 days until Swept Away 2010.

    you and Doug have a great trip,


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    Default It just stays that way

    We're still 58 days out, but we've been on the CR for a year. Actually it's been closer to two yrs. We booked our 1st to CSA in Feb of 08 for last November, then as soon as we got back we booked for Dec of 09. Maybe we lead a boring life, but looking forward to these trips makes the months fly by. Since we're now "empty-nesters", both of us are on Jamaica time throughout the year. It would be nice to be able to go more frequently...maybe that would become mundane? We spend time looking up cruise ship docking schedules (Ocho) so we can plan the off-property activities around the crowds, downloading that neat packing list, visiting sightseeing vendor websites, checking our flight schedule & airlines (see who's still flying), shopping for my wife's "One Love" bikini (Target had them), etc. So far, it has not gotten old and the anticipation peaks the day or two before we leave. Down side? We have to come home, knowing that it's gonna be another year before we experience the rush again. THAT'S why we milk out the CR throughout the whole year.

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    We don't return to CSA until Feb. which is a total drag! The wait is excruciating. Every Thursday nite we retreat to our winter lounge (a local mexican restaurant with great Margs and cold Coronas) and re-live our past CSA times and plan out moment by moment our future days on the beach and evenings at the bars. I must say that the CR hits as soon as we book.

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