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    Default Anyone else for Nov 12th, 2010

    We are all set to return to CSA on Nov 12th thru the 19th when we transfer to Couples Negril thru the 23rd. This is our second trip to CSA and our fifth to CN. We can't wait to return to both. Hopefully the weather will be good during this time period as we normaly go during the mid to late spring. I know it is a long way off but it will be here soon!!!


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    We are booked for November 7-14, 2009, I think I'd go mad reading these boards for another year and 4 months before I could go. 4 months is killing me now!, but we will probably book for that time in 2010 too!

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    We went last year 11/7-11/14 and are booked this year for 11/6-11/13. I am hoping we can go in 2010 for the same timeframe but our oldest will be starting college so not quite ready to book yet.

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    That is the great thing about the Couples program that they are running right now. By the time we have to make the final payment, we will already be paid in full. How sweet is that!!!
    Besides, Going to Couples is more than a vacation. It is the way we wish our real life could be all the time. The break from reality is very important to us. As a couple with no kids we are working all the time and have very little time to be together. Couple's give us "our time". We try (so far) to go to Couples every year. Because we are DINKS (double income no kids) we have the ability to do two vacations each year that way we can do Couples and then something else. No it is not easy but what is. If you control your spending and don't live off of credit you get to do these things. Looking forward to getting back home soon.
    Only 489 days to go!!!


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    Default Hi Doug & Carolyn from CT

    My husband & I are looking forward to our first time at Couples Swept Away. My co-worker has been twice and can't stop talking about it. We agree with you that it's quite a ways from now but figured it would be nice to talk with other couples before we arrive. Like yourselves, we too are "dinks" but we've been doing cruises for the past 4-5 years so this will be our first time doing all-inclusive.

    Gale & Jon

    PS...we have attached a picture of ourselves that was taken on our recent Panama Canal cruise
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    Yes it is a long way off but we have some things going on till then. Like you, we cruise occasionally. We are cruising to Hawaii from LA very soon for a couple of weeks. We will be doing something for a couple of weeks next spring but have not decided where yet. One of the islands in the Caribbean for sure.
    We are lucky to have done so much traveling together to many places in the Caribbean but no place has ever come close to Couples. Yes, our favorite is Couples Negril but we also enjoyed Couples Swept Away. To call it, it is the same as Couples Negril but different!!! The way the resort is run is the same. The people working there are as freindly and happy to be working there as they are at Couples Negril. Here is where the two resorts are different. There is the old side of Swept Away and the new side. Everything revolves around the far sides of the resort. The pools are on opposite sides of the resort along with the restaurants and all entertainment. In between are the living quarters. Again, the old and the new. Older side is 2 story bungalo type buildings with 4 guest quarters in each. The new side is three story front to back rooms facing the beach. Not all can see the beach. They are larger rooms but it does come down to which you prefer. We were in the new section last time and now we are going to be in the old section. We will see which we like better. Then there is the wonderful beach with all the little tiki huts to enjoy all day long. The key to Couples is not knowing much before you get there so as not to anticipate what is to come. It has been a wonderful adventure for all the years we have been going and see many more to come. We enjoy it so much that it has become an yearly trek for us and the plan is to continue for many more.
    So be patient, follow this web site for all the information you will need, pack light (we always over pack, maybe not this time) LMAO and this to shall be here soon after all it is only 408 days till we return to Paradise. YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!

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    We are booked for a Caribbean Cruise next month (November) and one in February as well but the one we are really looking forward to and I hope you get back to us on how your cruise was is the one we're taking in April 2010 for 14 days from LA to Hawaii for our 30th wedding anniversary..we'll be going on Princess Cruise lines and the other two will be Royal Caribbean. With the types of jobs we both have, we find we need to take a vacation every 2 months in order to get through the next 2 months and then the next! Do you have a picture of yourselves besides your husband's feet so we'll be able to recognize you?

    Thanks for the advice on the resort itself. I guess we're in the old section because my co-worker recommmended it but she said that there's always time to change even up to the day you arrive.

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    We will be on the Golden Princess and I will give you a review when we return. As for a picture, I don't post pictures on a public venue for security issues because of my work. We will meet, not to worry. Cruises are fun but I would rather be at Couples. Way more fun and less packing but the misses wanted to go to Hawiai so!!!!
    Being in the old section is "NOT" an issue at all. It is just different that the new section. I think you will enjoy it when you get there. We did the new section last time and am looking forward to the old section. Don't sweat the little things. You are in for a treat of a lifetime!!! (in my humble opinion)
    Only 388 days till we return to Paradise!!!!yyeeesssssssss!!!!!!

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