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Thread: June 26th 2010

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    Default June 26th 2010

    Any teachers out there going in June 2010??

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    Finally, a June 2010 thread! I have been holding off on starting one up, but I am glad to see there are others getting excited about next June.

    We will miss you by a few days, arriving the 15th, leaving the 22nd, but mrs. dirtleg is indeed a teacher. She just started her 30th year as a high school art teacher. This will be our fourth trip to CSA, celebrating summer and our 30th anniversary. We had a vow renewal our first visit at CSA for our 25th and fell in love with the place.

    Okay all you CSA junebugs, let's start hearing from you!

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    Default Teachers in Jamaica

    Boy, do we love teaching, but these school vacations make it a little tough to get to Jamaica in the winter when it is not so hot....

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    We'll be heading out the beginning of july...both of us are teachers! Love the summer holidays!
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    Just a word of warning to all you teachers headed to CSA. On all three of our previous trips to CSA we ran into some of mrs. dirtleg's former students. More than one on each trip. We even saw one getting married on the beach. Of course after 30 years there are an awful lot of them out there. So watch out, the class room may follow you to Jamaica too!

    See ya'll at the beach in June!

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