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    Coming soon to a resort near you.

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    Wait until you see them in color.

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    Default What??

    Quote Originally Posted by Crabracer View Post
    Coming soon to a resort near you.
    What are those?

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    I call them Memory Makers. I've been a woodworker for over 60 years. I've been making things like that for almost as long as we've been going to CTI. Years ago, everything was made out of wood. Today I do the same work in paper. I cut them on a scroll saw. It keeps me busy during the long winter months. I give them away at the resort.

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    luggage tags?

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    They are to flimsy to be used as tags. No, it's just meant to be another "something special" just like the resort.

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    That is a very nice thing to do Rich, being a woodworker you must appreciate the local craftsmen who bring their wares to the resort. I know you're getting close so have a typical time ! LOL. Still well over a hundred for me Ugggggg.

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