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    Default Landing Thursday afternoon in Montego Bay

    We are flying to Montego Bay on the Thomson's flight (TOM142) on Thursday 20th March - looking at the arrival time (2.35pm in Jamaica) there are around 9 other planes due from various places landing within 45 minutes of our arrival time. So I was wondering if anyone from the UK has taken that flight or any other person landing around the same time from the States for that matter, how long the queues at immigration etc are so we can be prepared mentally for a short/long wait?.

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    We've gotten in around that time before. It all depends on how many people they have working that day and how closely spaced the flights are as to how long your visit with Immigration will take. There are times where we've gone from plane to Couples Lounge in about 30 minutes and other times where it's taken about an hour. We've done some things, that we have control of, to decrease our Immigration/Customs time at Sangster...including booking seats closer to the front of the plane and making that bathroom break before landing so we can get to Immigration sooner and, hopefully, through faster. Hope you're able to get through quickly and have a fabulous stay!

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