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    Default Newbie & Romance Rewards Program

    We will be at CSS in June, this is our first trip to a Couples Resort. Are we able to sign up for the Romance Rewards Program before our trip?

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    Yes, sign up before you go!

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    Yes you are, in fact I would recommend it.
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    scroll to the bottom of your web page on this message board, click the Romance Rewards button and sign up, its that easy

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    Yes, then you are able to do the "trading places" perk th the sister resort in the same town for a few hours. It's a nice perk

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    You can sign up now, which will allow you to do the Trading Places to CTI for a day, and you will be awarded your points for this stay, and when you return... which I GUARANTEE you will, can begin enjoying more of the benefits!!

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    Thanks everyone!!!! I just enrolled and if everything is as good as you say, I am sure that we will be back. 97 days.....

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