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Thread: club mo bay?

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    We will be arriving April 19th at 1:05. It looks like there will be 7-8 flights arriving 1hr prior to us landing and 15 or 16 arriving 2hrs prior. It seems to me like it will be very busy that day. We have never used this service and never really had a problem but we normally landed on a Monday. What would you do?

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    Good morning! I reserved Club Mobay early last week for April 9th. But I have not been contacted for payment yet. Should I be concerned?

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    I attempted to reserve Club MoBay online as well and did not receive a response for two weeks. However, I received a response within 24 hours when I e-mailed them. They may be having a problem with their online reservations. I would e-mail them. Enjoy your trip!

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    We too are arriving on April 19th at 12:30pm. I checked a few months back and it was something around 11-12 flights arriving within a 45 minute window of us, both before and after. After beginning our travel the night before at 9pm (which is when we depart to the airport), there is no way we wanted to arrive and wait in lines. We booked our arrival Club Mobay service right away. We are still unsure about departure but will decide at the resort. Like others in the forums have said, you have to look at Mobay as an insurance policy. Better to have if you need it, that not have and you do. 3rd trip to couples, first to CSA! See you there!

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    Ok, the rest of the story. Check with your TA when you can select seats on that flight. Normally, it is 7 days on the Minneapolis airline. Book as soon as available, get close to the front of the plane and be prepared to move. Second monitor flight arrivals on Saturday mornings. In the last three weeks, the 10:20 arrival has been on time twice, and the third flight in the previous hour. Last week, because it was nearly 15 minutes late, 9 flights came in the previous hour, some were early, but the immigration line must have been brutal. So, do you like to play poker?
    Good luck and remember, within 30 minutes on the beach, bet you don't remember how long the line was.

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    I am traveling with 3 couples and we all have booked Club Mobay for our May 7 arrival. If there's a possibilty all of us can get to our resort quicker, then were all game!!

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