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    Yes,, We tipped the lil gal,, i think i give her 5 $1 s folded up,, Thanked her an onto Couples Lounge we went!,, Except,, you can enjoy cold beverage at Club Mobay lounge as well,

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    So I'm wondering if there's anyone that spent the money for this and then wished they didn't? It sure seems to get good press.

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    We used it last year arriving at 10:30 AM on a Saturday in May. There was not a line during arrival despite what I expected when researching the number of arrivals at that time; so it was a bust there. After a red eye flight and 5hr layover in Miami I wouldn't have wanted to be stuck in immigration/customs.
    I loved the departure lounge. It felt like we extended the AI experience a little longer. We're planning to use it again in a couple months for our 1PM Friday arrival. Compared to the 1700+PP for the trip, what's another $80/pp to ensure there isn't a delay on arrival and to have a comfortable departure experience?

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    Thank you for all the information. We will be arriving on Easter weekend (saturday) and mostly likely will be going the Mobay route. We have alread paid for our trip through CTI. Can we had this onto our current reservations through the resort or do we have to go online and book directly through Mobay?
    Julie and Bill

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    I am interested in how the September lines are as well Kelsey. Congrats on the wedding. We arrive on the 13th.

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    In case anyone wants to check the arrival schedule on a particular day:

    Wait until your day and check. I don't know how the difference in seasons changes the volume, but at least this is a start.

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    It has been 4 years since this thread was commented on, thought I would resurrect it as we are trying to decide on it or not. Does anyone have recent recommendations? We arrive and depart late May on Saturday, both ways. Any advice would be helpful!

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    In many many trips we have found the Mobay arrival service to only be useful when there are a pile of planes arriving just before ours. That only happens a few time a week, and you can check it out with the flight arrivals planed into Sangran near yours. If youíre going to walk into a pile in immigration Mobay will help. If itís just your plane it wonít help much as youíll be snagged waiting for your luggage. Also the Couples lounge knows whoís on the flight an theyíll hold the shuttle for the rest of the folks. So kick back, mellow out, change into your beach clothes, take some selfies of the start of you fabulous trip to Jamaica and have a drink and spend some time cuddling your partner. Not much drama to getting to the shuttles, itís worth the $2/bag porters are expecting to let them manage the transport. I know that Iíll tired of shleping aroThen take in the sites on the way to the resort.

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    Kelseynsc, our experance has been that unless we hit the peak where multiple planes are arriving near our arrival time, movement through immigration is as fast as bags can be moved into the Customs hall. In that situation Mobay arrivals doesnít get you to the Couples Lounge any quicker. But you do need to check for overlapping arrivals as that can hang you up in the Immigration halll for quite a few minutes where Mobay would be helpful.

    On the opposite side Diane and I are quite happy to use their departure assistance and lounge. Youíll always have time to wait for yout departure, and unless your looking for duty free good the lounge is a comfortable to spend that wait.

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