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    Default CSS Beach walking

    Am I correct to believe that Sans Souci has no available beach for a fairly long walk on soft sand? All day in a lounge chair is great but a good walk builds up a thirst for red stripe.

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    That's why we prefer csa

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    correct its situated in a cove
    very private which is nice and relaxing
    hit the pool, tennis courts or the gym and get a little exercise there
    Have fun

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    You are correct in that the beach is not suitable for long walks. However, there are plenty of alternatives to not only build up your thirst, but there are various locations to discover to quench that thirst!
    Walk the steps around D-Block to the Gazebo and onto the gym. Take a break at the Mineral Pool, and the Juice Bar. Head past the Spa, up the myriad choices of stairs up to the top of the Resort's uppermost cliff. Swing back downward in front of G block, meandering back to the beach, or take the roadway in front of G block down behind the Lobby and Casanova and the Pallazina to the inland lake.
    Stroll around the lake, enjoy the tropical scenery, feed the turtles, play some tennis. Then, you can head back to the beach bar to feel the soft Caribbean breezes caress you while that ice cold Red Stripe soothes not only your throat but your soul, as well!
    Rinse and Repeat.

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    You have to walk back and forth from one side to the other several times to get in a good walk on the main beach, it's just small, but it's beautiful none the less. To get in your walking you can stroll the grounds and if you get a room up on the cliffs, that can be enough that all you want to do IS lounge in your beach chair! lol

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    It doesn't have a very long beach but the resort lends itself to a nice long walk. There is a beautiful pond you can walk around and believe me the stairs alone are a good workout. My husband and I start every morning with a walk around the resort including the pond and the spa area. Unless you're in buildings A or B just going back to your room will make you thirsty.
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    No they don't have a long beach, but the grounds are beautiful for a great walk through.

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    Just do laps.

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    It would be a rather short walk unfortunately. I attached a picture taken from our balcony back in "09 that kinda gives you an idea of the size. We're heading back for our third trip in April because the resort more than makes up for the small beach in many other ways. CSS is very intimate and the lush grounds are worth the trade off for us. We are beach people too though, don't get me wrong. That's why we switch off between CN, CSA and CSS. CN & especially CSA rate the best in beaches.

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    Thank you to all for your thoughts and ideas. It is done. CSS from March 24- April 07

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    My wife walks along the CSS beach every day!
    I like watching her!
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    We did about 15 round trip walks a day while there this past summer about knee deep in the water, had to for my back issues I can not lie or sit on a lounger. You will love your trip to CSS. Despite the beach size compared to CN we both now have moved CSS to number 1 as our favorite couples resort.
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