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    Default silly question, but curious

    In regards to the pool at CN, can you swim (or slide) over that middle part?
    Hehe, getting excited, only a week and a half away now

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    I don't know if you are technically allowed to slide over that part, but on our trip there last September, I did it on several occasions. I didn't notice anyone else doing it, so maybe it was frowned upon? I just liked to stay in the water in order to get down to the swim up bar lol.

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    It has been done...... rarely in a graceful manner!
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    For fun, I will occasionally play waiter and run drinks from the bar to people hanging at the upper part of the fall.

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    Have seen many do it, and have seen many sit or stand on the ledge for a photo also. Suggest you do it before any booze kicks in, seen many do it after drinking and was no pretty!

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    Yep. Been there, done that!

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    Yes you can over to the pool bar, but be careful it is rough and you can cut up your knees. Been there done that. Lol. Put a floatie down first and use it to get over the wall.

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    Each of you grab a floatie, start at the stairs and paddle as fast as you can to the waterfall. See who gets there first and who has enough speed to go over. Lots of fun!
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    The challenge it getting over it in the other direction! From the swim-up bar to the main pool!
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    oh yes, you can slide down it or sit/lay on top of it.
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    Nice photos!

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    I LOVE that you asked this question. We'll be there in 70 days....I CAN'T WAIT!!!

    When we were staying at CSA we traded places to CN for a day and I kept ducking under the waterfall because it felt like a massage on my shoulders. lol.


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