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    Default CSS & just isn't fair!!

    I'm sitting here watching ice cold rain turn to freezing rain and now it's the same time I know there are so many nice people on SSB enjoying an island concoction drink while the hot sun warms their naked bodies to the core. My body may take 3 days just to thaw through.

    I can't wait to order up my first "girly" drink (put it in dirty glass) from Veronique and make some new friends. AN people are so easy to get to know.

    Four weeks and counting...will this torture never end!!

    OK, where is my %$@& snow shovel??


    (Mar 21-31)

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    Amen brother!!!

    PS - Got to love those "girly" drinks.

    Kurt and Angela
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    Just under 4 weeks for us as well now, (20th March) - I can't remember the last time I was outside in day light (worked 13 hours to day) never mind the sun so can't wait for the time to tick by til we are on SSB with the sun shining hot and a beer in hand.

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    I am soooooo ready. We have hit the point in winter when it seems like spring might never come. The temps finally reached above freezing and it felt like a heat wave for a few hours! All it did was melt enough snow that the roads were wet, then icy when temps dropped overnight. The forecast is for days and nights below freezing for the whole 10 day forecast.

    All that to say, I am counting the days until 3/18. (22 days and 13 hours until departure!)

    Looking forward to meeting you during our overlap days, Dan (Nautical4life) and Falcon!

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    Forecast is for -29C here by the end on the week...if I ever felt guilty about taking a vacation (since I retired), this won't be the case this year.

    I checked on our sailboat today. The poor girl looks so depressed.

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    Do we have an official answer as to whether pool volleyball is still allowed??

    Should I bring my knee pads??

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    We are looking at -11 or -12 C, which is cold enough...but not that bad! You have my sympathy.

    I think your sailboat is hibernating--she won't wake up 'til spring. So you should definitely go to JAMAICA and sail the hobie cats! :-D

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    @Nautical4life --- pool volleyball is definitely available. Just ask to have the net put up (there are two very nice metal stands to hold the net now) and rally some players! Bocce too. Still wondering what possessed us to get on a plane to return to snow. Till next year...
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    Okay at least you all only have 3-4 weeks! We have 1 month, 24 days, 14 hours, 21 minutes and 50...49...48...47 seconds (you get the picture) till our plane leaves. Add to that we're experiencing another polar vortex and now they're telling us (Chicago area) that we may get another foot of snow this weekend and you've got yourself a very serious need for hot sun, warm sand, naked bodies and girly drinks. Sigh. Jamaica soon come....just not soon enough. Enjoy your trips everyone!!! And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back some of the warm weather with you!!!!
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    Godiva...indeed our boat is hibernating, kinda in a cryogenic state, but every spring she comes back to life then we spend many days AN down the river. Sailors seem to lean toward AN, must be part of the nonconformist mentality.

    Rands...good to hear about the VB. It seems a bit cliche but it seems to be part of the AN experience at SSB. One can only lay in the sun, read and drink Red Stripe for so long, or so I'm led to believe. has been a hateful 3 months, but in reality it's not too far from the norm here in severity, just in frequency, and we have everything in place to handle it. Some places just don't have infrastructure in place to cope, I feel bad for them.

    No snowplows in Jamaica, (is there?)!!

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    Sub zero tomorrow night and 6 to 10 inches of snow for Saturday.I fear this winter will never end. We have already beaten the record snowfall for our area. I hope the next 26 days pass by quickly. We can hardly wait to get settled on the beach and sip that first tropical drink while gazing out on the ocean. It will be heaven!

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    The countdown is now feeling real...15 days until the clothes come off.

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    14 days for us to get there (about 5pm) so 15 until we get on that beach as well

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    Maybe we can get together and sing "God Save the Queen" one day at SSB

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    I hate you all!!! Lol
    524 days for us!!!!!

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    Nautical - I can assure you that you don't want to hear me sing, even my wife has banned me doing it in the shower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falcon View Post
    Nautical - I can assure you that you don't want to hear me sing, even my wife has banned me doing it in the shower.
    That's ok...rum makes us all wonderful singers, and we become more handsome and charming too!!

    We have a couple from Scotland arriving during our time. We may have a trio!!

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    Well, here's the thing...Jenny and I are off to New Zealand on Thursday, to see my family for the first time in four years. We love New Zealand and time with our loved ones is always a total blast. We have treated ourselves to club class flights and will be so happy to be on our trip. This, however, doesn't take away the sadness that is 'not going to CSS for two weeks lying nekkid on SSB amongst friendly ladies and gents'. Maybe a sneaky trip later this year? We so miss CSS and all that it offers for rejuvenating the couple-ness of us. Whomsoever you are out there on SSB, enjoy yourselves and make every second count as it always seems short lived. I'm afraid UK doesn't languish in sunshine enough for me to consider opening an AN resort (shame!). We have spectacular beaches on some coasts (Wales, Cornwall, Devon and Ireland) but the weather just ain't Caribbean enough! I wonder how much Couples would charge for a permanent room (G15a for me!).

    Enjoy the sunshine guys and gals!

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