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    Hi If we try and request a room In the Deluxe Beach front what is the best building to request?? and which floor. I know they are booked the time we are going March 9-16

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    Couples no longer permits advanced requests for particular rooms, buildings, or floors b/c far too many people seemed to believe that the resort was required to honor their request and were rude when their request could not be honored at the time of check-in.

    There is no consensus as to the best building, floor, or room. We have only stayed in beachfront rooms and suites and have been in Buildings 1, 5, 6, and 9. Which building is ďbestĒ really depends upon how/where you spend your time. Since youíve never been to the resort before, you donít know what youíll be doing or where youíll be doing it. Some people like 6 and 9 b/c these buildings are closer to the a/n beach, while some people donít want to be in these buildings for that very reason. Some people prefer Building 1 and 5 b/c of their proximity to the water sports area. The same goes for floors. Some people like the first floor to avoid stairs, some like the third floor for the view, and some prefer the second to not be on the ground floor but have fewer stairs than the third floor.

    Different people have different preferences, and what I prefer might differ significantly from what you prefer. There was a woman on the MB who reported that she declined the room initially offered to her by the resort and requested the room that someone on the MB has recommended. When she later saw where the original room was located, she was disappointed to discover that she would have preferred that room. Another person on the MB reported hearing a young woman on her honeymoon have an absolute fit when the exact room requested wasnít available. Although the resort gave her the room next door to the requested room, the young bride was heard complaining about the denial of her request on numerous occasions throughout her stay. Avoid similar disappointment. Go to Jamaica, enjoy your first trip to CN, and donít worry about your room.
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    Great reply Pamela! Although I am not the original poster, I'm going to take your advice! Hubby and I will be making our first trip to CN this June after 7 trips to CSS! I'm a bit nervous and excited at the same time! So now I'm just going to relax and enjoy my stay in paradise!

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