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    So we are down to double digits now and I'm starting to think of little things that would be good to know ahead of time. This may seem trivial to many of you but, are there self serve soda machines located at the resort and if so, where would I find them? I know I should cut down on my diet soda consumption but it is my "coffee" in the morning. I know there will be some in my fridge but likely not enough. Also, do they serve coke or pepsi?

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    There are two self-serve soda stations at CSA. One is at the Cabana Beach Grill and the other is by Sea Grapes. They carry Pepsi products.

    Our mini-refrigerator has had Coke products for our past two stays.

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    I am a Diet Coke addict myself, so I completely understand. They have a self serve Pepsi fountain with Diet Pepsi, and there were mostly Pepsi products in our fridge as well. I always requested extra of the Diet Pepsi. A couple of times there was Coke Lite, which has a different taste than regular Diet Coke, but it beats nothing!

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    Thanks for the replies! Diet coke addict myself. Good to know they have both options available.

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    Just as a FYI... Diet Coke addict here, too... The Diet Coke product is actually something called "Coke Light""" I will try to post a photo. Good, but different. If you dig through these posts for the one I started about the CSA cats! you'll see a photo of it.

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    Name:  image.jpg
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Size:  59.8 KB. Found the photo of the bottle from 2012 trip!

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    Coke Light has saccharin. This was used in the States before Nutrasweet/Splenda. It was banned after it screwed up some mice in testing.

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