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    Has anyone been able to do trading places more than once on a trip? I know Romance Rewards says 1 trading places per stay, but what if you wanted to do it twice?

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    I think it's limited to 10 couples but if it's not full, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to go. Just ask.

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    We are thinking of trading places from CSA to CN during our stay. If we decide not to stay at CN until 4pm, how much would a cab ride back to csa cost?

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    We wanted to go back to csa early but forgot cab fare, the are only 5 minutes from eachother so I imagine it wouldn't be much.5 dollars maybe,? Maybe someone else will chime in.

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    we were at CTI 2 years ago, and a coupple we met there traded places with CSS every other day - They liked the AN beach better than the Island. Based on that, it should not be a problem how often you go!

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    A cab ride is only normally $1.00 a person. We normally just give them a $5US for both of us.

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    They will probably let you go twice if they have room. If you have already been once, they won't deny someone else a spot for you, but they allow 10 couples per trip. As long as you ask them nicely you should get to go more that once.
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    Cab fare is $10
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    I'd be surprised if they even document who goes - and how often. As long as there are 10 or fewer people lined up for the van, they will probably be OK with it.
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