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    Default Best Way from airport to CTI?

    Hey everyone!

    After reading these threads, the excitement about CTI has been climbing incredibly since we booked a few days ago.

    One thing that we have not come across is the best way to travel to CTI from the Montego Bay Airport. Do we arrange something with the hotel? Is there a scheduled time to take a bus? Do we take a taxi?

    Any suggestions on the best way to head to the resort?

    We'll be arriving in the mid to late afternoon so a little drive would be nice to see some scenery.


    Blake & Amanda

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    when you get through customs there is a Couples Lounge there at the airport where you check in and provide the staff your luggage. You will be informed what time the bus leaves for CTI and you will probably have CSS people on the bus too - depends on how many couples are going at the same time as you are. We've been a few times - the bus has been full to also being the only ones on the bus.

    No worries - grab a beer or two and enjoy the trip to CTI. It will take about 2 hours with a stop in the middle to get a bite to eat, drink and potty break.

    Enjoy - we love CTI and can't wait to get back there next year.

    Have a fun busride!!!

    Marty and Joanne

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    From the FAQs:
    How we will get from the airport to Couples Resorts and how long is the drive?

    Couples Resorts provides complimentary shuttle from / to Montego Bay (Sangster International) airport.

    Your Couples Resorts representative will escort you to the parking lot. It is customary that an airport porter will bring your luggage to the bus. The porter is not a Couples Resorts employee. A USD$1 tip per bag is customary. [Please Note: Couples Resorts has a no tipping policy. Acceptance of tips by staff is not allowed or expected].

    The ride to Negril is non-stop and takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The ride to Ocho Rios is about 2 hours long, with one stop (rest rooms/drinks/food).

    Your driver is not a Couples Resorts employee, tipping is permitted

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    After you get through imigaration, get your luggage and customs, head down the hall and take a left. You will see the Couples Lonunge straight ahead. Tell them your name and they will takre care of everything for you. You will be offered a smile and a Red Stripe. You will wait there for about 10 minutes and a van will take you to CTI!
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    All you have to do is go to the Couples Lounge once you clear customs. You will be greeted with a wonderful smile, a warm welcome and from there you have no worries. They will offer you a Red Stripe, use the bathroom and then you are wisked away to the awaiting shuttle for the ride to the resort. All included in your resevation.

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    The resort provides a VERY nice shuttle for you, so unless you want to spent some extra $$ on a private transfer, the resort bus is the way to go.

    You simply go to the Couples Lounge at the airport, and they will have your name. You'll have time for the potty (yes, I have small children) and a Red Stripe -- maybe 2. Then they will escort you and your bags to the bus/van/car. (Depending on how many people you have at the lounge.)

    Then you are on your way. It's a nice (long-ish) ride with a break in the middle for chicken/beer/potty again, if you so desire.

    Have a great trip!!


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    Blake & Amanda

    Welcome to CTI.

    The best way is to take the Couples Bus. It is included in your stay. What you do is go through customs and as your exit you will enter a big hall. Turn left and walk to the end and you will see the Couples Lounge. Have a red stripe or a pop and they will take you to the resort. It will take about a hour and half depending on if you stop or not.

    Make sure you sign up for Romance Reward and do the pre check in. During the pre check in you will put your flight number in and everything will be setup. Write down you number for you can go spend a day at CSS as part of the Trading Places program.

    Enjoy your stay.

    If you have any other questions, please ask.
    Irie Mon

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    Hi Blake and Amanda,
    Couples will take you to the resort from the airport. When you get through customs and get your bags, you head to the Couples Lounge for a drink or two and then onto the bus (more like a van) to head to CTI.
    I don't know how long the drive it because DH and I go to CSA but I think I've read on the MB it takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blamanda View Post
    One thing that we have not come across is the best way to travel to CTI from the Montego Bay Airport. Do we arrange something with the hotel? Is there a scheduled time to take a bus? Do we take a taxi?

    Any suggestions on the best way to head to the resort?
    The resort provides a shuttle. No worries, mon! As long as you are booked with Couples (no matter whoy ou booked through) they will take you to the hotel. Just look for the Couples lounge once you clear customs and you're all set! Buses run cotinuously, so there is always one ready. The longest we've ever had to wait was 10 minutes, barely long enough to finish our beer. Oh and in case you booked with an online site, don't let them charge you for the transportation. It's included in your hotel cost.

    Here's the lounge to look for. Have a great trip!
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    Default Thanks Everyone!

    Wow! Talk about an all-inclusive trip!

    I've never been to a place where it is easy sailing right from the airport, that's awesome.

    Thanks for all the replies as well! Sounds like it'll be a great time with all the nice people staying at the hotel too.

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