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    Default Mistic Mountain tour

    WE are looking at doing Mistic Mountain Tour , Zipline, roller coaster etc. Any information on this would be nice. Has anyone done this? Thanks Jim& Judi

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    We did Mystic Mountain 3 years ago. We had a blast. Don't use the brakes on the bobsled until you have to at the bottom! Makes for a very fun ride. Also wear your swimsuit. The pool and slide at the top are a fun way to enjoy the view. The last thing that you will do is the zipline. They are good at what they do, you will feel very comfortable with the staff on the zipline. Have fun!
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    We did Mystic Mountain last year and enjoyed it!
    The "bobsled" was fun even though it was short and like already said, don't use the brakes until the very end.
    The zip line was a blast, trust the crew they know what they're doing and it shows! Go ahead and flip upside down it makes a great picture.

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    We did it last year as well.. AWESOME!! Check to see what days the Cruise lines are at port and try not to schedule on those days.. We went early and pretty much had run of the place!
    -Annaleis & Neil (Should be 1cat2dogs)

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    It was a good time to do the chair lift, zip line, the bobsled and pool. kind of pricey but it was nice. the view is good. But I wouldn't do it again it seems like you spend most of your time on the slow chair lift going up and down. But its good for a one time visit.

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