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    Default Review of Couples Negril, Comparing to Couples Swept Away

    Couples Negril & Couples Swept Away -- A Comparison (long read)

    My wife and I have just spent Thanksgiving 2013 at
    Couples Negril. In June 2012, we honeymooned at Couples Swept Away.
    Having now been to both Negril resorts, I wanted to write a review
    comparing the properties.

    Let me first say that both resorts are amazing, and if you choose
    either one, you will be happy. Also, I want to state the obvious: My
    review is only my opinion, and only based on the conditions during my
    stays. YMMV.

    That being said, my wife I found Couples Negril to be much better
    suited to our preferences. Below, I'll discuss the areas of our
    vacations that were different between the resorts.

    Layout - The compact layout of CN appealed to us much more than the
    more sprawling layout of CSA. Standing at the CN pool, you can see all
    of the restaurants on the resort. The water sports hut is a very short
    walk from anywhere on CN's campus. We preferred this immensely. We
    never felt crowded, but at the same time, we never had to embark on a
    long walk unless we desired. Ps...a room in buildings 1 or 6 puts you
    close to the pool, and right in the middle of the action.

    Buffet Food - We were blown away by the buffets put on by CN's Cassava
    Terrace. Complete with carving stations, salad stations, and dessert
    stations, the Cassava Terrace impressed us more than CSA's Patois or
    Palms restos. The most amazing thing was the beach dinner that the
    Cassava Terrace served on Thanksgiving. They moved the whole
    restaurant to the beach, and had an incredible spread including a
    bread pudding that was the best thing I ate all week.

    Activities Staff - This was such a bright spot for us at CN, and such
    a letdown at CSA. My wife loves to play volleyball--at CN, smiling
    Okedo and Nina were always rustling up a game. At CSA, my wife would
    show up to the volleyball court to find no one there--staff or guests.
    The CN activities staff was just always involved an happy to be there.
    They would play or be scorekeeper for ping pong, bocce, and
    volleyball; and, they always remembered your name.

    Pool - The CN pool is much longer, with hot tubs at each end. It is
    the hub of activity at CN, but never felt crowded. Also, they had red
    flag service at the pool, which I didn't see during my time at CSA.
    There is nothing wrong with the CSA pool, but I preferred the larger
    CN pool.

    Other Restaurants - I found the rest of the restaurants at CN to be
    pretty comparable to their CSA counterparts. However, I found the
    service at CN to be faster.

    While my wife and I strongly preferred CN for the reasons listed
    above, there were some areas where CSA had an edge:

    Bar Staff - We had amazing bartenders at CSA. They made a personal
    connection with everyone. They were awesome. At CN, the bar staff was
    fine, but they didn't have the same passion of the bartenders at CSA.

    Wifi - The wifi at CSA was much better. No contest.

    Beach - We preferred the CSA beach, but there's really not much
    difference. They are both beautiful. At CN, you are in a bay, so you
    can see the two points, and the houses on them. At CSA, it just felt
    like we were looking out to the open ocean. Like I said...these are
    very small differences.

    Bugs - Didn't notice any at CSA, noticed some mosquitoes at CN. Bring some Off!

    Finally, a word of response to some of the complaints regularly made
    about Couples Resorts in general:

    Rooms are "run down" - I disagree. The rooms I have been in have been
    great, but they have had some issues -- a curtain that won't close
    fully, a small opening between the sliding door and the floor, a
    running toilet.

    My response is this: Couples is not a 5-star American hotel room
    transported to Jamaica. If that is your expectation, then you might be

    While Couples does not have American-style 5-star rooms, it still
    provides a 4.5 to 5-star experience. The staff, the location, the
    food, the room, and the service all work together to to provide a
    wonderful experience in a romantic setting.

    Set your expectations accordingly, and you will have an amazing time.

    My wife and I now know that we are CN people. We will definitely be back.

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    Thanks for the review! My husband and I spent our Honeymoon at CSA in September of 2012 and just booked a week at CN for May 10th....79 days away whoohhooo!!!! So I'm glad that you enjoyed both, and especially happy to hear that you really liked CN.


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    Thanks for the great review.

    Kurt and Angela
    CN 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017
    CSS 2014, 2016, 2017

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    Nice write up! Thanks.

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    Your review hit the nail on the head and describes why we prefer CN as well. In addition there is the option of the AN beach at CN.

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    Thanks for the review!! I feel good about returning to CN, instead of trying CSA. I would also return to CSS... but that's another thread.

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    You wrote a very nice review on both CN and CSA.
    We have never stayed at CSA but we do a Trading Places day there every year.We go to visit our dear friends that are members of TEAM CSA.
    My wife and I also choose CN.

    Hugs from Tommywommy of 10 0 C
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