Hello Everyone!
I am just beginning to plan for our wedding/honeymoon at CN for July 2010~

I appreciate any advice. My amazing fiancee is currently serving the US stationed in IRAQ. I am doing the planning, this trip will all be a surprise to him. He has never been to Jamaica, and I want it to be perfect, he deserves it after the year he has been through!

I understand that is there is "no such thing" as a bad room. (I have been to CSA and feel the same). But, for our special week, I want to know if it is worth the $$ to do a Garden Suite? Are the suites the only rooms with hammocks on the porch?

Also, any particular building? I hear a lot of good things about building #1. I am interested in peaceful, quiet at night. And close to a good open spot on the beach. At CSA, my fav beach spot was by the "far bar" by the bocci balls!

One more question for now, any brides do the cocktail party or a lunch reception after their wedding? I'm thinking a morning wedding after reading past posts about pics and water color in the am.
Thanks again!