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    Default Planning special trip for a soldier! Need room advice

    Hello Everyone!
    I am just beginning to plan for our wedding/honeymoon at CN for July 2010~

    I appreciate any advice. My amazing fiancee is currently serving the US stationed in IRAQ. I am doing the planning, this trip will all be a surprise to him. He has never been to Jamaica, and I want it to be perfect, he deserves it after the year he has been through!

    I understand that is there is "no such thing" as a bad room. (I have been to CSA and feel the same). But, for our special week, I want to know if it is worth the $$ to do a Garden Suite? Are the suites the only rooms with hammocks on the porch?

    Also, any particular building? I hear a lot of good things about building #1. I am interested in peaceful, quiet at night. And close to a good open spot on the beach. At CSA, my fav beach spot was by the "far bar" by the bocci balls!

    One more question for now, any brides do the cocktail party or a lunch reception after their wedding? I'm thinking a morning wedding after reading past posts about pics and water color in the am.
    Thanks again!

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    First, congratulations on your wedding and second, as the sister of a soldier, tell your fiance that I appreciate him and what he is doing.

    OK. Now..... The only rooms with hammocks are the Atrium suites and I think those would be the best value for your $$, unless you want to go for a Beachfront Suite. (which are CONSIDERABLY more expensive.) We have stayed in the BFS's for 3 visits, but our next visit are staying in an Atrium so we can stay a day longer. I would request a room near the center of the resort, and that way, you are not close to the Palms (where it can be noisy) and request an ocean view, if possible. None of the rooms are very far from the beach regardless of room category.

    Enjoy your stay at CSA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blondie1 View Post
    . . . . I want to know if it is worth the $$ to do a Garden Suite? . . . . Also, any particular building? I hear a lot of good things about building #1.
    There are no garden suites in Building 1, although there are three beachfront suites in that building.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Congratulations on your wedding and thank you and your fiancee'for all that you both do. Him for being there and fighting. You for dealing with everything back home in his absence.

    Sorry, I thought that you were staying at CN. If you are, yes building One is great, we have stayed in the building several times. As for noise, I don't think there is anywhere on the whole property that is noisy, so that should not be a problem. Yes the garden suites have hammocks on the balcony or patio, depending on which floor you are on.

    As for the cocktail party or reception, when we were married at CN we had 5 other couples with us, don't know if you are planning on family and freinds. Anyway, what is included in the standard wedding package is a champagne toast and a wedding cake. If you want to do a luncheon or cocktail party you will have to set that up as an extra, not sure what the cost would be.

    We were married at 11 in the morning, spent the day on the beach with family and freinds and then went on the cat. cruise that afternoon. And went to Otaheite for dinner. They were able to make reservations for all of us that night.

    Relax, enjoy, congratulations, you both deserve it.

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    Yes, we are going to CN for the first time. Sorry for the confusion!

    I think I am leaning towards a Garden Suite at CN since it is our wedding/honeymoon. (next time we will be happy in garden deluxe).

    Thank you Blondie for wedding advice, was the champagne toast and cake enough for your 5 couples with you?

    We will probably have about the same amount of people. Wasn't sure if that would be enough for everyone to enjoy, that's why I was thinking cocktail party with apps. I know it's extra.

    Thanks everyone for your support, our troops so deserve it! Can't wait until he is back safely on US soil~ it's been a long, stressful year!

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