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    Hey, first time my wife and I have ever been out of the country. We have a few questions if any veterans can assist us.

    1. Are there any AI activities that we need to avoid?

    2. What kind of experience is the golfing? Can you tell your're playing somewhere out of the US or is it just another course?

    3. Is there any fishing at CTI? If not, are there any half day charters?

    4. Can you get decent cigars at the hotel or at the airport? I like to smoke with a cocktail on the beech.

    5.Does anyone get any games going(volleyball)? Or is it all super laid back and tranquil all day?


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    To answer some of your questions, here's what I have to offer-

    1) If its included, try it. If no one liked it, the resort wouldn't do it. Everyone has their own tastes.
    2) I have not tried the golfing, but how bad can golfing anywhere be?
    3) I have seen people come back with fish from their charters from CTI, and the culinary crew will cook them for you!
    4) Cigars are available in the gift shop, but they're from Cuba, who wants those? LOL
    5) Volleyball is played every day on the beach, the activities crew is fantastic! (I don't recommend playing Vball on the island, as it can be a little dangerous if you fall off the island)

    Hope this helps!


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    Probably get more answers on the main thread. This is for people that will be at a specific resort at a specific time.

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    Regarding the Cuban Cigars. If we buy them there, can we take them home with us? I have a friend that would like me to bring some home for him if it's possible.


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