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    Default CSS Repeaters dinner is Wednesday… What do "virgins" do?

    Our 25th anniversary is on Tuesday July 1st, and we are looking at scheduling a private dinner Tuesday evening in a gazebo... but my concern is missing the Tuesday Beach party. So another thought is to schedule our private anniversary dinner Wednesday during the repeaters dinner. We are "virgins", so not invited to this event.
    In your opinion:
    • Would Wednesday be the better of the two nights for our private anniversary dinner?
    • Is the Tuesday Beach party a not-to-be-missed event? Or would it be OK for us to skip it?
    • If we scheduled our private dinner on Tuesday, what is there for us virgins to do on Wednesday during the repeaters dinner?

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    Congrats on your anniversary! We just returned from our first trip to CSS for our 25th anniversary! You are going to have a GREAT time! We enjoyed the beach party but missed most of the entertainment because we wanted to get some souvenirs while the vendors were still there and then ended up taking all of our things back up to our room so we wouldn't have to keep track of them. By the time we got to our room WAY up the stairs, we were too tired to come back down. If I could do it again, I might have stayed for the entertainment. I think it would have been a fun time, but we didn't feel like we missed out on anything. As for Wednesday, we were also newbies so that was the night we had our Casanova reservation. That was a very romantic setting and the food was amazing. Whatever you end up doing, it's going to be amazing!

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    Tuesday's event comes with a large variety of foods, it is buffet style, so whether or not Wednesday would be better, is going to be up to you. Personally I thought the food was good, but the entertainment not so good. I think next time, we'll skip the beach party and do our private dinner.

    The private dinner is your only other option on Tuesday night, as all the other restaurants close on Tuesday for the beach party.

    On Wednesday, I think all of the restaurants are open, so you'll have your choice.

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    Do your private dinner on Wednesday. The Beach Party is great fun and not something you'll want to miss. You'll get an opportunity to not only try some amazing Jamaican food but the entertainment is usually something not to be missed. Also, you may want to have your dinner in the gazebo. It's very romantic and private plus the view is beautiful. If you have it on the beach it's not as private.
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    I'd schedule on Wednesday and enjoy the beach party on Tuesday. It really is a very enjoyable event.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Yes do your private dinner on wed. The beach party is very good. Great buffet of food and good entertainment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdubya View Post
    what is there for us virgins to do on Wednesday during the repeaters dinner? [/LIST]
    Well, um, uh, um.........

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    We love the Beach party
    the food is good
    there is a great dessert flambe station with ice cream and fruit
    the carved meat table is usually very good with several options

    Entertainment is usually very good but varies
    We have seen the Silver Birds which are a great steel drum band
    The Scotch Bonnets performed one year (traditional Jamaican music)
    One year it was a magician who was not very good
    but overall we think it is worth staying for

    You do have to wait through the "fashion show" which is put on by the Entertainment staff and is mostly an ad for the clothes in the Gift Shop
    We find it fun now that we know the staff so you can cheer for the ones that you know

    On Wed during the Repeaters dinner, the other restaurants are open so you can go other places
    or you can do your private dinner
    The Gazebo is nice
    The Sunset Beach is also nice, a bit more private than the main beach
    Some people do a private in room dining on their balcony which could also be nice
    It all depends on your preference
    no matter what, I am sure that your anniversary will be a memorable experience


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    I would suggest doing your private dinner on Wednesday. The gazebo is a lovely, romantic spot and the noise from the beach party might affect the ambiance for you. Have a wonderful time. CSS is my favourite of all couples resorts!!

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    THe first thing I would do would be to book at least 2 more nights!!! 2 nights is not long enough to enjoy all this resort has to offer!!

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    The beach party is not to be missed! Book it on another night!

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    We love the beach party, especially if the Silver Birds are playing!

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