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    Default Downgraded at check-in

    A couple recent reviews on TA mention being downgraded at check-in do to overbooking. Has anyone here ever experienced this? If so did you end up gtting moved to your room choice and credit for the downgrade?

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    On our very first trip in 2005 we had booked an atrium and when we checked in given a room which was building 1
    on today's map. Not having been there before had no idea where we should have been til got to room and patio had
    no hammock and back of resort. Went to desk and yes we were in a garden room. We were shown what atrium rooms
    were available and chose the one we wanted. Didn't move til next day. We were given a resort credit which I thought
    was generous. To this day I have no idea why that happened but we have been going the pretty much every year since
    That little hiccup didn't spoil our vacation.

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    ??? Been to CSA 8 times and have never been "downgraded" Always recieved the room section we requested although NOT the specific room number.

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    We've had it occur before that our room was not ready upon arrival. We were not downgraded but upgraded and even given a little special treatment for our inconvenience. If there was any downgrading it would be the next day when we were moved to the room category we'd booked (which isn't a downgrade). Rest assured that Couples treats its guests better than they expect to be treated.

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    Several years ago, we booked the beachfront suite category at CSA. When we arrived, we were told that the beachfront suites were overbooked, and they would have to put us in atrium or garden room for a few days. I asked if any beachfront verandah suites were available. None were available. I then asked about the Great House Jacuzzi Suite rooms. At first she said that none were available (there are only 4 GHJS rooms), but somehow she got us in there for our entire stay (which was actually an upgrade). We have been to Couples 9 times, and this is the only time that this has happened to us. I have to admit, I wasn't happy about the situation at the time, but it worked out OK.

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    I have never heard of such a thing and honestly would have a hard time believing Couples would actually do that... I suppose it is possible though... My guess would be that those guests were "taken care of" in some other way to accommodate their inconvenience!

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    No but we have gotten a call 2 months after our stay saying we still owned $125 for a massage we paid for. It was a error on Couples end.

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    I do understand that everyone wants what they pay for...and you get excited for everything to be absolutely perfect. But I do hope that if a room downgrade ever happens to me that I am able to take a step back, count my blessings and realize that some "problems" really aren't that bad. (the worst room at Couples beats the heck out of real adversity)
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    Bravo Bert!!!! Very Well said.
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    I don't expect things to be perfect, but if I am charged more for a certain room class, book it and pay for it months in advance, then I should not have to spend any of my nights in a different room category. Is a day at Couples better than a day other places? Sure, no question about it. But that's not really what we are talking about here is it? People should not be made to feel selfish or guilty if they don't like not getting what they paid for. If this is happening, then Couples needs to address it. Just smiling and happily accepting it is really not a great solution in this case. At the same time, we should never be nasty or mistreat the folks at the check in desk if it happens. It's not their fault.
    When I have had this happen at other resorts I was given an apology (not really necessary, but nice that they cared enough to do so!) and a free night on a future visit for each night they could not give me the category I booked. Does anyone know how Couples handles this situation? Do they have a policy? I can't imagine they would downgrade someone and just say, "Tough Luck" and not reimburse at the very least the difference in price.
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    I don't know if they have a policy but in our situation they generously gave a resort credit for the night we spent in a lower category.
    As you say if you pay for something you should receive what you pay for. We certainly were not put off by it. Things happen and really this was pretty minor. Looking forward to next Wed. when we return.

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    Thanks for the replies. I got concerned because all room categories except garden verandah are now sold out for the time we will be there and then I read those TA reviews. We are arriving on a Tuesday as well. We booked a great house verandah suite because I wanted to be closer to the beach and not near the road. Really hoping that we can upgrade to an Atrium suite at some point during our stay but guess we'll wait and see.

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    We have only been upgraded, never downgraded.

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    The problem with 'upgrades' is this.... If I book a certain room category it is generally because it is in the location I want. "Upgrading" me to a room I didn't want feels like downgrade to me. For example, I am booked in One Bedroom Beachfront Suite at CSS soon. We chose that category specifically because all those rooms are in Blocks A and B, which is where we want to be. There are more expensive rooms up at the top of the steps (further from SSB, further from the main pool, further from the main beach, further from the tennis courts, ....) that we just don't want. Upgrades are not always upgrades! Since I booked and paid for the category of room I wanted months and months in advance I should not have to spend my time on arrival having to resist (which I would do politely and with respect to the staff) being moved to a room that is less desirable to me than the one I booked and paid for.
    Respect and good travels...

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    Our last trip to CTI we were downgraded at check in. We were refunded the difference, given a couples massage and a resort credit. All without asking for anything. I had asked if they could move us later and was told not. When we got to our room we were more than happy with the "downgrade". Next morning they called to tell us they could move us. Stayed where we were because we were more than happy and had already unpacked. My disappointment in the downgrade only lasted until we stepped out on our balcony. It was truly no problem!

    Carol and Dave.

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    We got a "one night downgrade" at CSA 2 weeks ago. We booked an Atrium and none were available at check-in. We were put in a Garden Suite (or room, I don't remember the exact name) and given a $150 resort credit. It was a beautiful room, just in a bad location (bad for CSA). The next day we got the exact room we wanted ... not just the building, but the exact room number we wanted! Number 2227 - an Atrium Suite with a hammock and a beach and ocean view. We thought the $150 for a one night downgrade was extremely generous.
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    We had stayed at CSS about a month after hurricane Sandy in 2012. We had booked a penthouse suite for 14 days and we were getting married there. We get there and they said because of damage from the hurricane they had to downgrade us to beachfront rooms and we would be reimbursed the price difference. All they said was sorry. The new wife and I are pretty breezy and it didn't really bother us that much. And since they seemed to be working on the exterior of the PHS I didn't really mind. The only thing that bothered me was that we had to call back after we returned home to get our refund for the difference.

    That being said, we have another trip planned for this December and will expect our correct room category or I will be complaining. I think that is fair.

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