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    Default CSS - How does ordering In-Room meals work?

    Anyone have details about when and how you go about ordering meals for your room? How much lead time do you need to give them for dinner?
    How about for a hot breakfast?
    Thanks for any details!

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    We used the service for dinner a few times...there is a menu in your's a limited selection but certainly enough to satisfy our needs.

    After a hard day of AN at SSB, it's hard to get dressed and go to dinner .

    Sorry, can't answer about breakfast.

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    I didn't mean to put this question here in the A/N section. Thanks for the reply though! I will post this over on the main board where it belongs.

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    Lunch and dinner can be ordered any time and will be delivered as quickly as possible (it's never taken more than 30 minutes from order to delivery for us). Simply look at the menu, as mentioned by Nautical4life, and call to place your order.

    Breakfast is done by completing a form that is placed outside the door by, we believe, 2 AM. In this you specify what you want and what time you'd like it delivered.


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    For breakfast you use the cards that hang on the door. They have 1 for the mini bar and one for breakfast, look at the menu in the room and write it on the card. They will fill you order close to the time you request.

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    You can also order pizzas to SSB and enjoy them in the Ocean on floaties with a Red Stripe...
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    SSB, Pizza, Red Strip, Good Friends - Check!!! All while floating in the Ocean.

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    We've ordered hot breakfast from room service in the morning when we wake up. As for the continental breakfast you can put your order on the door hanger form or order by phone in the am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by river View Post
    You can also order pizzas to SSB and enjoy them in the Ocean on floaties with a Red Stripe...
    Wait! Room service delivers to SSB? Woo hoo!!!

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