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    Default Vendors on beach at CSA

    So what's the best strategy to relax or nap,on beach
    Without being bothered

    Used to CSS

    Thanks friends

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    Coming up on 4 times to CSA and the majority of each was spent relaxing, napping and or drinking on the beach, never once have we been bothered. If you want to engage with the vendors, you walk out to them. Security keeps them at bay.

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    They don't really 'bother' anyone. If you say no thank you, they move on. They can't come up to you. Someone you may want to listen to is a Father/Son duo. The son has a snare drum and one of those little cymbals that he uses a feather like thing (I'm not musically inclined, so I don't know the correct names). He uses a drum stick flat to keep the beat. His father has a big double bass (cello), the one you stand up and drum with your fingers. It's very old. He purchased it in 1967 and he was the second owner. They are fantastic !!!!! They stopped to play for us and everyone close listened and were happy to drop a few dollars in their box. Everyone was taking their pictures and having their pictures taken with them. Very entertaining ! We bought their CD.

    Sometimes you may want something from a vendor. We were looking for a flag to fly in our backyard (have the American one out front). We bought a big flag of Jamaica. When the weather clears up, we'll put it out.

    Most times we just ignore the vendors if we aren't interested. It's up to you. Enjoy ! You'll love CSA !

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    Don't sit down by the water line. That simple.

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    If you are relaxing or napping, thus not making eye contact or what could be construed as eye contact, then they won't bother you. They are not allowed to just walk up and approach people....especially if the invididual (you) has not made any gesture or acknowledgment of them. Security will come over and save you if it were to happen. Security is top-notch and they stay on top of the vendors. Some vendors aren't allowed at all and will be chased off regardless..even if they aren't approaching anyone. Security knows the vendors; and the vendors have to carry a special 'license' to sell. You will be in good hands, and in fact, I'd be willing to bet you will enjoy many of the vendors! The musician vendors are the best (Ice Block is our favorite)!!!! But the one's selling items often have some great stuff. I'm still wearing my lil thread Jamaican/Rasta ankle braclett I bought from one of em

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    I like to nap on the loungers, too. An easy fix is to position your loungers away from the water line. In general, the vendors do not stray from the water line unless someone invites them up to their lounger.

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    They won't bother you unless you lay at right by the water. They can't walk up to you. If you're relaxing they ignore you. The bands will stop and play but if that bothers you then you have issues. I know several people who skip CSA because they are afraid of the vendors. I think its hilarious.

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    Thanks sounds good

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    And don't forget your ear buds or noise cancelling head phones for when you really want to sleep on the beach.

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    There is a public right of way along our CSA foreshore. Jamaica's national beach policy defines this as "that portion of land adjacent to the sea that lies between ordinary high water mark, being alternately covered and uncovered as the tide ebbs and flows".

    Security ensure vendors and any other strollers keep to the foreshore/waterline and keep moving unless invited to do otherwise. All the vendors understand the rules.

    We enjoy engaging with vendors and minstrels when we initiate it, and are never bothered at other times.

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