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    Default CN - Reservations on First Night?

    We'll be arriving at Couples Negril on a Saturday and I noticed that Heliconia is closed Saturday. We don't want to eat at the buffet, so we're thinking that we need to make reservations for either Otahaite or Lychee for that night. Is there usually an issue getting a reservation for the night you arrive? We'll be getting there around noon. I'd hate to be stuck having a buffet on our first night of vacation (we don't like to work for our food, lol!!!!).


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    If you can be flexible about the time of your reservation you will probably be OK
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    Lychee doesn't require reservations, so you should be okay.

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    Lychee is always our default choice. It is my favorite restaurant at CN, is air conditioned, requires no reservations, and you don't have to dress like you are at the Ritz to get in the door. It is our first meal every time we visit if it's open. Enjoy!

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    Wow! These boards are fantastic! I would have never known that you didn't need reservations at Lychee if not for the boards. Thanks everyone! I just assumed it was like Lemongrass at CSA, which required ressies. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! OMG OMG OMG. We visited CN for the day while staying at CSA in 2012 and I'm so excited to try it out for a week this time.

    Thanks again!

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    I thinks that's what we will do too, Lychee. Really not a big buffet person and Sat is our first nite. First time to CN after 5 times to CSA and 1 to CSS. There is no outdoor seating for it, correct. My SO will not like that but if he can wear dress shorts he should be ok. He does not like to wear long pants. Getting him to go to Feathers is not easy.

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    All seating at Lychee is indoors with A/C. Dress shorts, a shirt with a collar, and nice shoes (closed toes I think is what they are mainly looking for) is fine for men.
    Be sure to try a Lychee Martini, and start with a Lychess Tasting Platter as an appetizer!

    About the buffets.... The main restaurant is not a buffet every night at CN. Some nights you order from a menu that tends to be very nice. We did Lobster Night there on our first trip to CN and it was great. Check the schedule and don't shy away from the main restaurant to avoid the buffet, because some nights it's just a nice restaurant with no buffet.

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    As mentioned no reservations at Lychee.... But don't rule the buffet out. Saturday is often set up with cooking stations around the pool... Great assortment and then get a table by the pool under stars.... A great and romantic first night! Enjoy
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    I don't like buffets because at CSA they always seat you with a bunch of people you don't know and who can't even be bothered to say Hi to you. Closed toe shoes with shorts? Are you sure for Lychee?

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