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    Default Couples Negril Booze options

    Can you request what booze you would like in your room before you get there??

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    You can pre-register if you are signed up as a Romance Reward member. You choice may or may not be there. If it is not, not a big deal. Pick up the phone and place your order. Someone will be there in less than 10 minutes with your order.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Yes, you must sign up for the "romance rewards" at the bottom of any page on this site. About a week before your trip, you should go back online and "pre checkin". It will ask for your flight info and what you want in your minibar. You pick your rewards too if eligible.
    In my experience, our minibar rarely gets stocked before we checkin . They usually show up our first evening and stock it for us no problem. I think at least at csa, it's so hard to have it done before checkin but it may be different at cn because it's a little smaller resort.

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    Ah,,,, now that is speaking my kind of language.
    Type yes, brand, unfortunately, no. When you go to the pre-checkin area of the web site, they will ask all sorts of questions. You will be able to pick wine, sprits, soda, juice, but you won't be able to pick the brand. For a dresser before dinner or a night cap, it all works.
    Have a great time.

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    Ok I signed up What else does the rewards get you? Thank you for all the info.

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    Nls, on your first trip, you can do the "trading places" perk which allows you to visit the sister resort in the same town for a few hours. On future trips, you get repeaters perks like tshirts, bubbly and resort credits. Enjoy

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