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    Default Hi, I'm New...question

    When I say new, I really mean new to nearly all of this. Me and my husband, although celebrating 30 years of marriage this year, haven't traveled very much over the years. In fact, we've only every flown once - and that was with friends. So this will be quite an experience all the way around. Our travels over the years have consisted of 1) our honeymoon to the Pocono mountains in PA, 2) trips to the Jersey shore and once to Virginia beach 3) Las Vegas (our only flight) and 4) a family cruise to Bermuda in 2010, which was our last vacation.

    As you can see, we are in desperate need of a vacation. And this year is the year we do it and we chose Jamaica. For some reason, CN has drawn me in. I've been reading a few of the threads comparing CSA to CN and I'm more convinced CN is the place for us.

    My first question for now (I'm sure I'll have lots more soon) is this: are we too old for this place? And please be honest. I'm watching promotional videos and photos and all I see are young, beautiful people. We are a young 50 and 61 and don't want to feel out of place.

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    No way! Although our resort of choice is csa, we are 50 and 63 and fit right in I think. You will see couples of all ages, have a great trip

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    Absolutely not! We celebrated our 30th anniversary at CN and loved every minute. You will have a fantastic, memorable vacation! No worries
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    You will not be out of place at all. We have met all ages in our trips to CSS. That's what we enjoy about Couples in general. The people who come to Couples seem to embrace the theory that age is just a number. You will also find that "age groups" don't split up, we all enjoy meeting each other and talking.

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    The promotional videos for every resort and resort chain look just like that. Don't worry. They just don't tend to put a lot of real over 40 people in those videos.
    The average age at CN varies from week to week of course, but there are always young, old, and in between.
    If you are friendly you will fit right in no matter what.
    All the best!

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    You are definitely not too old for CN. Been there 3 times, would've been 4 but had to cancel 2 days before trip. Insurance does come in handy. Five more weeks and we'll be home again. I'm 54 and hubby will be turning 57. We've been to CSA just on a trading places day and still prefer CN. The beach is much more quiet. Can't go wrong though with any of the Couples resorts. Have a great vacation!

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    I have never been to CN (Usually go to CSS) but Couples has couples of all ages at all the resorts. I would not worry at all.

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    You are definitely not too old for CN. We are 62 and 59 and feel very comfortable with everyone and everything at CN. We will be there in May for our 4th year in a row.

    Cn is a great choice in my opinion due to the layout. Everything is close but you have plenty of room to be by yourself when you want. You will love it and I bet you are planning to return before you leave.

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    You will find all ages at all Couples resorts, 20's to 80's. We are 60 & 59 and have been going to Couples since 2004. We found that everyone is ageless at Couples and you will too. CN is a beautiful resort and we've been there 3 times. We're heading to CSS for our 3rd time this coming April.
    Have a wonderful time!

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    No way!!! We have met so many great people and made new life long friends!!! We are both 62 and did a vow renewal at csa in 2011. We have been married 42 yrs. and still love to have a good time! We now go to CTI, we have never been to CN or CSS, but I'm sure they are awesome!!! You'll have a great time.

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    You definitely are not too old. We are 59 and 61 and back in Dec. was our 8th trip to CSA which happens to be our favorite place in the world. We have travelled quite a bit and have never ever been treated any better. The staff is AWESOME. We feel you will love it also. As they say Once you go, you know.

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    We are 62 and 60, have been going to CN every year since 2009, will be there in 2 days and 1 hour. We have been going to CSA also since 2012 and will be there in 248 days and 2 hours. Heck your just getting started. Age is all in your mind, if you don't mind it doesn't matter. It is a fantastic place and has all age ranges. Each couple can do there own thing, and you don't need to worry about how you look or what you are doing, it is a place to relax, enjoy and be as busy only as you want it to be. Meeting other people is easy, if that is what you want or if you want to enjoy just each other, that will work too. Kind of funny, but it seems we end up interacting more with people younger then us, wait at our age that is a lot. Go enjoy have fun you will not regret it. Is Good Mon!

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    Not at all - this September we will be celebrating our 34th honeymoon & wedding anniversary at CTI and my husband's 60th Birthday there in October! Over the years, we have made so many friendships of all ages and from all over the world. Having been to all 4 resorts, they are unique and wonderful. Go and enjoy!

    No problem mon!

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    Hi Couple in NJ from another couple in NJ!
    We are early 50's and have been going to Couples since 2004, when we got married there.
    You are never too old. We since all ages.
    Great choice!

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    There is no age at Couples. You are simply a couple at Couples!

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    I read the replies with a huge smile on my face What I take away from those responses was we're not old, and that's enough for me!

    So onto the next step - choosing a date. Due to my work schedule and other factors, the times that works best for us would be end of August, first week of September the latest. Are there any negatives to going that time of the year?

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    Hi CoupleinNJ
    I'm a Jersey girl too. I wish I could tell you all about Couples resorts in person. We have visited all couples resorts and we love each of them for different reasons. We both over 60 years old and never even think about that we are too old to vacation there. I'm sure you will enjoy your time there.
    65 days for us ,going to CSA this time

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    Ahh, there's my other post - removing this one as it's a repeat.
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    Generally no problem BUT it is during hurricane season so take out some kind of insurance !!!
    Captain Jim
    "I will grow old....
    But I won't grow up"

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    Been to CN.........a wonderful place; but we prefer CSA. The beach is spectacular along with all the other amenities CSA offers. Too old ???? Never ! We are both 62 and Jan. was our 4th trip to CSA. Age is only a number........we certainly don't feel 62 (what is that supposed to feel like ? ) Enjoy wherever you end up. Any Couples property is great.

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    Njcouple, it's hurricane season so as lot of people buy trip insurance. I buy it anytime we go to couples. I bought it through couples at booking but there are many companies that offer it. It's highl unlikely Jamaica will get hit by a hurricane but it will rain daily for short periods. I've never traveled there that time of year but I've read it can also be very nice. Have a great trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoupleInNJ View Post
    I read the replies with a huge smile on my face What I take away from those responses was we're not old, and that's enough for me!

    So onto the next step - choosing a date. Due to my work schedule and other factors, the times that works best for us would be end of August, first week of September the latest. Are there any negatives to going that time of the year?
    By the way, we are from NJ 2! We normally go around our Anniversary (September 13th) for many years and it has been wonderful. It is hurricane season and was only hit with one in 2004 and was still a wonderful experience. They handled the situation with such expertise and care!

    As they say "Jamaica is blessed"! Has not stopped us - so go and enjoy!

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