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    Default 20 th Anniversary Celebration

    Hello Everyone,

    Well, we are finally going to paradise, yippee!! It's been a long time coming. My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary at Couples Resort in April 2010. We are in our early 50's and I'm considering CN because we love the beach and a party atmosphere. Life has been soooo stressful lately and we are looking forward to just kicking back and having a fabulous time.
    What I'm wondering about is this,

    1. How far in advance do we need to make reservations for the available dates of 4-5 {arrival} 4-12 {departure}

    2. Is CN a mixture of all ages?

    3. What is the weather like at that time?

    Any suggestions/advice/recommendations are GREATLY appreciated.

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    You want this done before the rates increase and Randymon has already warned us on that.

    You will find that age means little in Jamaica. Yes you will find a mix of all ages and probably the average age would be 35 to 45 but don't count us in the Nifty Fity club out!

    In April you will find the weather about 79 to 82 degrees with a gentle tradewind blowing in. Tropical showers usually pop up around lunch and last for about an hour or less.

    We might even be able to buy you a drink before we have to leave.

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