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    Default Dolphin swim and a few other questions about CSA

    My husband and I are going to CSA in 2 weeks for our honeymoon! I have read great reviews, but still have a few questions.

    Has anyone done the dolphin swim at Dolphin Cove? How much is it and how far away is it from CSA? I think I had previously read that it's next to Dunn's River, is that correct? I'm pretty sure that CSA website says it's 4 hours away???? If so, are there any other places to do it?

    Dunn's River- can you do a zip line there? Would anyone recommend it?


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    Dolphin Cove and Dunn's River are in Ocho Rios which is about 4 hours from Negril. It would take an entire day for you to do that excursion. If you really want to do it, it's best if you stay on the Ocho side of the Island, unless you're at CSA for about ten days and can spare a day. They also have zip-lining in Ocho Rios, but it's not at Dunn's.

    However, there are other falls near Negril that you might want to check out: YS Falls and Mayfield Falls.

    I do not believe that there is a swim with dolphins excursion near Negril but I could be wrong.

    There is ziplining in Negril and I recommend it! We did the one in Ocho Rios and had a blast!
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    We did both last year, as a part of a cruise that stopped in Ocho Rios.

    Yes, the Dolphin Cove is adjacent to Dunn's; and yes, it's a loooooooong drive from CSA. I don't think there is anything similar in Jamaica that you can do the dolphin encounters.

    And no, there is no zip line at Dunn's River Falls.

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    Yes, it is about 4 hours from CSA as it is in or very Ocho Rios. I think the cost for the full Dolphin Swim is about $250. There are different levels. You could probably google it and come up with more info.

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    If your going for a long time at CSA it would be worth it but TRUST ME that drive is CRAZY. I went zip lining which was only 1 and a half hours and they are still doing construction so it took longer and that is all I could take. Your gonna want to maybe rethink it and stay in negril more.

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